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The way how agile digital businesses are designing and delivering value through apps and services to their customers is more and more shifting to a microservices architecture pattern perfectly suited to public and private clouds. Creating new applications as a collection of small granular services instead of a monolithic software block means that they can be developed quickly and that they reflect a decentralized approach which anyway has become a trend in many security and transaction related domains.  

Microservices enable organizations to quickly respond to disruptive attacks from lean competitors on the business side, and to new risks on the cybersecurity side.

In this track we will focus on

  • How to add identity & access management to the new world of your microservices zoo
  • And how to convert your IAM and Cybersecurity infrastructure from monolithic approaches to a more agile & decentralized microservices architecture model

Continuing Professional Education Credits:

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After attending this track you will be able to:

  • Define and understand the architectural concept of microservices.
  • Explain and discuss the role of Microservices in IAM.
  • Explain how to you configure identity and access management (IAM) in a distributed application.
  • Discuss how to handle IAM on a macro level for Microservices.
  • Discuss how to implement a flexible, secure and efficient authentication and authorization scheme in the Microservices Architecture.

You can get 3 CPEs for this track.


Microservices: Why Should We Even Care?

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019 Time: 14:30-15:30

Microservices: Why Should We Even Care?
Alexei Balaganski, KuppingerCole • Anmol Singh, Microsoft

Microservices, like APIs a few years prior, have experienced an amazing evolution: from a fairly technical concept for designing complex applications as a collection of loosely coupled and independently deployable components organized around business capabilities, microservices have grown to become one of the hottest buzzwords in the IT industry and beyond. But what are the reasons behind this surge in popularity? In the age of digital transformation, when technologies, regulations and...

Microservices or Macro-Mess in IAM
Dr. Silvia Knittl, PwC GmbH WPG

Microservices are the next big thing. They are created in agile software development to quickly launch applications and services. Each Microservice could be considered as a single app. Within this app, the IAM is usually implemented locally. However, in an enterprise environment this can lead to a complete mess. As a result, this talk shows how to design the Microservices’ IAM to be manageable also on the macro level. Key takeaways for delegates attending your session: -  ...

Disrupting the Identity Infrastructure? The Power of Microservice Paradigms to Accelerate Complex IT Solutions

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019 Time: 15:30-16:30

Disrupting the Identity Infrastructure? The Power of Microservice Paradigms to Accelerate Complex IT Solutions
Dr. Heiko Klarl, iC Consult Group • Willi Kisser, iC Consult

In today’s connected world, businesses are competing on speed and agility to meet tremendous expectations of customers. In order to achieve this level of agility, the underlying architecture needs to be dramatically different from what we know in the past. Lean, lightweight, and rapid development and deployments have taken over the way we look at software development. Microservices are able to fulfil this promise but change also the way on how Identity and Access Management is...

Agile IAM: Microservices for Delivering a Lean, Faster and Successful IAM
Anmol Singh, Microsoft

IAM deployments are traditionally considered complex implementations that require significant time, effort and investment on an on-going basis to match the rapidly changing business processes and operating environment of a dynamic organization. Conventional IAM deployments are largely software implementations that over a period of time become rather complicated to the extent of being unmanageable due to the amount of customizations and the business need to honour the legacy systems and...

Securing Microservices: Not as Easy as You Might Have Expected

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019 Time: 17:00-18:00

Securing Microservices: Not as Easy as You Might Have Expected
Alexei Balaganski, KuppingerCole

Microservice architectures allow businesses to develop and deploy their applications in a much more flexible, scalable and convenient way – across multiple languages, frameworks and IT environments. However, new architectures require new tools and technologies, and those bring in new security challenges – and new skills to learn to fight off cyber-attacks efficiently. Like with any other new technology which developers, operations and security teams are only beginning to...

Securing APIs and Microservices with OAuth and OpenID Connect
Microservices present a new way of scaling API deployments, where each component is an island, performing a small but well defined task. These systems are quicker to develop and allow for a more agile way of working. As in most designs, security is not part of the original blueprint, which can lead to expensive and hard to manage security solutions. In this talk, Travis Spencer will illustrate how OAuth and OpenID Connect can be leveraged to create a unified distributed framework for...

API Security in a Microservices World
Philippe Leothaud, 42Crunch

A microservice architecture brings new challenges to API Security and careful design needs to be applied at operations and development level to ensure corporate data is properly protected from unwanted access. In this session we explain what API security encompasses,  why API security needs to be considered as early as possible in the lifecycle of the microservices, how known standards such as OAuth and OpenID Connect can be leveraged to authenticate and authorize access to...

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