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Dr. André Kudra


esatus AG

Information security is my passion since early 2000s and I consider myself a decentralization visionary. With business diplomas plus a doctorate from European Business School (EBS) and a computer science bachelor's degree from James Madison University (USA), I am business-driven yet tech-savvy. Key roles in large-scale infosec projects of global regulated enterprises honed my skills. I attend to technological innovations via practical and research-driven projects which I present at conferences and with publications. Since 2013 I am CIO of esatus AG, a consultancy specialized in infosec, headquartered in Rhine-Main close to Frankfurt. esatus is a Sovrin Founding Steward, operating a node, and a MyData member with MyData Operator status for its IAM suite “SeLF”. I am a strong advocate of Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) and a Sovrin Board of Trustees member. I chair TeleTrusT’s (IT Security Association Germany) “Blockchain” and “Secure Platform” working groups and contribute to the Blockchain Identity standardization efforts of ISO/TC 307 via DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung).


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Customer Technology World 2020

Oct 22, 2020
Integrating Decentralized Identity Into Your Existing Infrastructure: Do's and Don'ts
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Future of Digital Identity: Self-Sovereign Identity & Verifiable Credentials

Aug 06, 2020
Panel - The Challenges Of Deploying SSI at Scale
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Aug 06, 2020
Interview with Dr. Andre Kudra
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Digital Finance World 2019

Sep 19, 2019
Identity and Strong Authentication
Integrating Self Sovereign Identity (SSI) into Existing Application Infrastructures
Session Details

Blockchain Enterprise Days 2019

Sep 19, 2019
Blockchain & Security
Applied SSI – Identity & Access Renewed with Self-Sovereign Identity Tech
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Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018 Europe

Nov 14, 2018
Blockchain und Self Sovereign Identity
Panel - Self Sovereign Identity, DIDs und zukünftige Standards der Blockchain-Identität
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Nov 14, 2018
Blockchain ID und „Recht auf Vergessen“
Dezentrale digitale Identitäten und die Vorzüge der Blockchain-Technologie
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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2016

May 11, 2016
Blockchain Maturity
How to Make the Blockchain a Reality
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European Identity Conference 2009

May 07, 2009
Putting Context to Roles
Dos and Dont´s when Introducing a Compliance Management Tool
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