Frankfurt, Kap Europa
November 14 - 16, 2023
Cybersecurity in an AI Powered Digital World

Symposium, Expo, and Workshops

The place where revolutionary concepts meet futuristic visions. Take part in the unique event that explores the cutting-edge realm where AI, digitalization, and cybersecurity meet.

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Interactive Sessions
Attending Companies
EDB Emirates Development Bank
Deutsche Bahn AG
Central Bank of Armenia
Frankfurter Volksbank eG
thyssenkrupp Materials Services GmbH
University of Washington
Deutsche Bank AG
Johnson & Johnson
Stephens Inc.
Fractal AI
Aches Apparel
GTT Communications
Daiichi Sankyo EU
Commerzbank AG
SachsenEnergie AG
European Central Bank
Fresenius Digital Technology GmbH
Wacker Chemie
Deutsche Börse
Deutsche Bundesbank
FC Bayern München
Boehringer Ingelheim GmbH
Zalando SE
Nets Denmark A/S
Parfümerie Douglas GmbH
Huawei Technologies Deutschland GmbH
Vorwerk SE & Co. KG
Vodafone Business
Lufthansa Group
Bundeskriminalamt Deutschland
Allianz SE
Boston Beer Company
Marabu Inks
The Hague Center for Strategic Studies
Berlin School of Economics and Law (University of Applied Sciences)
N26 AG
Schwarz Group

Cybersecurity and AI: Evolution or Revolution?

Faced with a potential next digital revolution, business decision makers must decide whether they can adapt to those radical changes and evolve or go extinct.
Why cyberevolution?
Explore the latest societal, technological, and environmental megatrends, and anticipate the impact of digitalization.
Discover new and emerging technologies and solutions, and learn how you can leverage them to combat cyber-threats.
Enhance your organization's security posture by learning from the exemplary approaches taken by your advanced peers.
Agenda Highlights
Agenda Overview
Check out our highlights
Conquering Crisis: Effective Strategies for Incident Management

Immerse yourself in an in-depth exploration of the strategies of incident management. Through critical examination of real-world cases and emerging trends, they illuminate the integral stages of...

Thomas Tschersich
Deutsche Telekom
Rinki Sethi
Dr. Marc Hofmann
Shaping the cybersecurity landscape of the future using the SAFIRE Scenarios

In this immersive workshop, we invite you to explore the intricacies of future scenario analysis using the cutting-edge SAFIRE methodology. Guided by renowned experts in futures studies, you'll...

Jonathan Blanchard Smith
SAMI Consulting
The Human Factor: Why people are the main key to cybersecurity?

When it comes to cybersecurity, many people focus on red/blue teams and technical measures such as servers, firewalls, encryption, and intrusion prevention systems. However, one crucial factor...

Patrick Shirazi
Current Cybercrime Threats and Trends

Cybercrime continues to evolve in complexity and scope, impacting various digital spaces. In this eye-opening session, a frontline law enforcement perspective reveals the latest threats and...

Carsten Meywirth
Bundeskriminalamt Deutschland
Unmasking the Dragon's Byte: Exploring Cybersecurity Risks in the China Context

When doing business in China, there are unique cybersecurity risks and complexities to consider. Experts in this field discuss these challenges in depth, pointing out potential vulnerabilities...

Martin Kuppinger
Gary Harbison
Johnson & Johnson
Mary Kissel
Stephens Inc.
Dr. Miles Yu
Hudson Institute
Warriors of the Web: cyberevolution Capture The Flag 2023

As a prelude to the captivating “Capture The Flag” competition, this session reveals what is in store for the second day of KuppingerCole's Cyberevolution conference. It provides a...

Christopher Schütze
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schlesinger
Berlin School of Economics and Law (University of Applied Sciences)
Decoding the Consequences for Cybersecurity Using the 4 SAFIRE Scenarios of the Future

After the enlightening keynote on navigating cyber futures via SAFIRE scenarios, brace yourself for an immersive panel discussion that delves deeper into the uncharted territories of...

Berthold Kerl
Sounil Yu
Peter Lassig
Commerzbank AG
Jonathan Blanchard Smith
SAMI Consulting
Welcome note by Minister of Interior Affairs - Hessen

Businesses, public institutions, and government agencies face various cybersecurity issues in an increasingly connected world. This welcome session highlights current and emerging cybersecurity...

Peter Beuth
Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sports
Beyond the Now: Examining Emerging Trends in the Cybersecurity Landscape

The results of a comprehensive 2023 study by KuppingerCole will be presented, providing invaluable foresight into cybersecurity trends and threats anticipated for 2024. Based on in-depth...

Christopher Schütze
Marina Iantorno
AI Will Not Do the CISO's Job

As artificial intelligence continues its upward trajectory, a radical proposition emerges: Could AI take the helm of cybersecurity leadership? This bold discourse dives into the heart of this...

Thomas Tschersich
Deutsche Telekom
Hacked! 72 Hours of a CISO's Nightmare

When the worst happens, and your defenses are breached, how do you respond? This engaging workshop, led by an experienced CISO, takes you through the crucial first hours of a cyber-attack. Using...

Florian Jörgens
Vorwerk SE & Co. KG

Cybersecurity Discussions That
Truly Make a Difference

Explore the key topics of cyberevolution
AI for Cyber Attackers
Explore how AI enables cyber attackers to exploit vulnerabilities and evade detection, and the potential of AI to defend against sophisticated cyber threats.
AI Ethics, Bias & Deepfakes
Future Cybersecurity Threats
Securing the Autonomous World
Managing Your Digital Twin
Securing the Digital Universe
Politics & Cybersecurity
Quantum Computing Horizons
Building an AI-Skilled Workforce
Unified Security: IT, OT, IoT, IIoT
Attack Surface Management
Identity Security
Supply Chain Security
EU Cybersecurity Regulations
Stay up-to-date on EU cybersecurity regulations that are shaping the landscape for businesses and individuals. Explore NIS2, DORA, and CRA implications, compliance measures, and organizational impacts. Gain insights to proactively address audits and navigate evolving regulatory requirements.
Cyber Insurance

Line-Up 2023

Meet the industry's movers and shakers

Sounil Yu
CISO & Head of Research
Stefan Würtemberger
Executive Vice President Information Technology
Marabu Inks
Gary Harbison
Global Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
Johnson & Johnson
Abdou-Naby Diaw
CISO, Vice President Cyber Security and Head of Cross-Functional Processes
Lufthansa Group
Carsten Fischer
Deputy Group Chief Security Officer
Deutsche Bank
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schlesinger
Professor of (Business) Computer Science (Infrastructure and Security)
Berlin School of Economics and Law (University of Applied Sciences)
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Consultant, Strategic Digital Identity
Jonathan Blanchard Smith
Director and Fellow
SAMI Consulting
Florian Jörgens
Chief Information Security Officer
Vorwerk SE & Co. KG
Peter Beuth
Minister of the Interior and Sports
Hessian Ministry of the Interior and Sports
Martin Kuppinger
Principal Analyst
Carsten Meywirth
Head of Cyber Crime
Bundeskriminalamt Deutschland
Dr. Komitas Stepanyan
IT & Cybersecurity Director
Central Bank of Armenia

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Our event promises to offer a world of exclusive experiences and learning opportunities. From gaining invaluable insights, to broadening your connections, you'll have countless reasons to join the cyberevolution.
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Our event is designed to be an immersive experience, not just a series of lectures. In addition to informative presentations, our agenda contains interactive sessions that will offer you a valuable, hands-on experience.
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Experience rapid-fire presentations by leading software manufacturers, showcasing innovative solutions in AI-powered cybersecurity. Enjoy delectable catering in an atmosphere of intellectual exchange and entrepreneurial spirit.
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Capture the Flag
Immerse in lifelike cybersecurity situations, assessing your capabilities in countering assaults and managing breaches. Acquire practical know-how, enhance critical thinking, and foster adeptness in problem-solving.
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