Cybersecurity in an AI Powered Digital World

Symposium, Expo, and Workshops
November 14 - 16, 2023
in Frankfurt

Quantum Computing - How it will transform cybersecurity  Identifying the new Cyber Impact Areas & Securing a new reality of autonomous systems • The Risk of using AI •• One breach, huge impact: Securing your Supply Chain  Exploring Human Digital Twin Technology for cybersecurity Decentralized ID revolutionizing consumer interaction and privacy improving processes  Assessing & Mitigating your Industrial loT Risk Exposure • Metaverse, Conversational AI, NFT Security, and Deepfakes: A security challenge for the future of technology • Automation, Automation, Automation  Making the Ransom Industry evaporate  Leveraging the Human Factor as your first line of defense • Understanding your enemy: Attack Surface Management & Deep Web Monitoring • Staying ahead of the auditors: NIS2, DORA • Challenging concepts: Are Zero Trust and SASE still the right approach or already outdated •• Securing Digital ID for Cutting Edge Digital Business •• Unveiling the Darknet: Safeguarding Cyberspace Red Teaming: if you’re not attacking yourself someone else will!

Explore the latest societal, technological, and environmental megatrends, and anticipate the impact of digitalization and AI on the future of cybersecurity. Engage with other thought leaders and industry experts to gain insights, share knowledge, and develop strategies for a secure tomorrow.

Make a positive impact and build a brighter future for cybersecurity.

Discover new and emerging technologies and solutions, and learn how you can leverage them to combat ever-growing cyber threats effectively.

Stay ahead of the curve and protect your organization with cutting-edge technology.

Enhance your organization's security posture by learning from the exemplary approaches taken by advanced peers. Share your own experiences and strategies with others, and collaborate to find the best solutions to the toughest cybersecurity challenges.

Bring your problems and leave with actionable solutions.
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