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Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris


Data Science Partnership Ltd


Dr. Zacharias Voulgaris was born in Athens, Greece. He studied Production Engineering and Management at the Technical University of Crete, shifted to Computer Science through a Masters in Information Systems & Technology (City University of London), and then to Data Science through a PhD on Machine Learning (University of London). He has worked at Georgia Tech as a Research Fellow, at an e-marketing startup in Cyprus as an SEO manager, and as a Data Scientist in both Elavon (USA) and G2 (USA). He also was a Program Manager at Microsoft, on a data analytics pipeline for Bing. Currently he is working at Data Science Partnership Ltd, a UK-based Data Science and A.I. company. Parallel to that, he is mentoring data science students and also doing educational videos.

Zacharias has authored three books, several scientific articles, as well as a number of videos on Data Science, A.I., and Cyber Security topics (published on the Safari educational platform). He has also reviewed a number of data science books (mainly on Python and R) and had developed a number of new metrics, heuristics and functions for data analytics. Apart from data science, he also has a passion for new technologies (e.g. IoT and Cyber Security), as well as literature, music, and videos.


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Customer Technology World 2020

Oct 22, 2020
The Usefulness of Anonymization and Pseudonymization in Data Science and A.I. Projects
Oct 22, 2020
Panel: The Use of AI in Customer Relationships
Oct 22, 2020
AI in Practice: AI Frameworks and Libraries for Data Science

Consumer Identity World EU 2019

Oct 23, 2019
The AI Potential
The Impact of AI in Data Science Related Privacy
Oct 23, 2019
The AI Potential
Panel: Protecting Customer Data through APIs and Machine Learning

Consumer Identity World EUROPE 2018

Oct 30, 2018
How AI and the Future of Security Change the Customer Experience
The Data Science Process and How AI Can Benefit It