Login for the Mobile Internet - What new Challenges arise from Mobile Internet Usage?

  • TYPE: Business Case Study DATE: Thursday, May 06, 2010 TIME: 14:00-15:00 LOCATION: IMAX

The steadily growing demand to use internet services also "on the move" pushes the market penetration of mobile devices (such as iPhone, Nexus One) as well as of mobile applications.

All service offerings require a user identifcation to be offered in personalized form. A main success factor for the mobile usage is the usability, as the user just wants to use the services "on the move" without special login effort and without any additional registration need. In many cases, new mobile service offerings are also a result of the clever combination of various services from different providers (= mash-ups) to create new, functional applications. Therefore also the option of obtaining services from other providers on behalf of the customer is required.

There are many possibilites to provide personalized services and mash-ups "on the move". But what are the pros and what are the cons of either using existing or arising technologies.

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