Bringing BMW’s New Central Identity and Access Management System into Life

  • TYPE: Business Case Study DATE: Wednesday, May 05, 2010 TIME: 11:30-12:30 LOCATION: IMAX


At BMW, a large number of applications based on the major IT platforms Windows, Mainframe, CA, SAP... are in use. In the past several custom made management applications have been developed and deployed to manage accounts and access rights on these different platforms, sometimes using different processes. Over time these systems developed into a state of unsustainable complexity due to increasing business demands with correspondingly high support and maintenance costs.

This situation lead to a demand to improve the management of accounts in order to meet the evolving security needs of BMW Group. Furthermore changes in international law exacerbated the situation and the need for action.

IdAS – BMW’s new Identity and Access Management System – has been designed and developed to address this situation. With IdAS formerly disparate management and provisioning processes are integrated and automated fulfilling the needs for flexibility, security and speed. IdAS has been successfully launched in late summer 2009.The international step-wise migration and rollout has been conducted in a short time frame in the second half of 2009.

The presentation will cover the following topics:

  • BMW Group – Facts and Figures
  • BMW Identity Management from past to present
  • Vision and Targets for the new IdM system IdAS
  • Preconditions and Project Structure
  • Building Blocks and Architecture
  • Challenges for Go-Live
  • Key Decisions
  • IdAS Go-Live and Rollout
  • Results
  • Lessons learned


Dr. Andreas Neumann provides long-year experiences in national and international projects with strong focus on Identity and User Management. Within this area he has intensively worked on business side topics like strategic analysis, scoping, role management and stakeholder integration as well as...

In the early years of this century, corporate telephone networks have become an integral part of unified communications systems operating as part of the IT infrastructure and no longer as a stand alone network. This second decade is seeing a new trend in IT resources rationalization driven in part by the fact that workers are more mobile and IT networks are being exposed to the outside world thus no longer making the physical perimeter of the company's facilities the boundary of the network. As a result, the physical access control system is progressively being merged into the IT infrastructure so the directory of users and their access rights become an additional user repository that is managed by centralized Identity Management Systems. HID will show how King ICT, Croatia is prototyping a system that integrates physical access control with their central Active Directory based infrastructure.


Kristian Koljatic is Solution Architect for IT infrastructure systems and has more than twelve year of professional experience in IT with special emphasis on the systems architecture, project management and people management. Kristian gained technical experience in many PKI and CMS projects and...

Nino Talian graduated at Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb in 2006, and is working as a Solution Architect for King ICT, one of the leading system integrators in Croatia. His involvements are in presales, requirement analysis, designing and implementing IT management...

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