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API Security

Combined Session
Wednesday, November 10, 2021 15:00—15:50
Location: Wilhelm von Humboldt

Successful and Unsuccessful Approaches to API Security at Ford Motor Company

Join Darren Shelcusky, Manager of Vehicle & Connectivity Cybersecurity at Ford Motor Company and 42Crunch as they take us through their approach to API security and explain their journey to enforce security compliance while ensuring productivity of their hundreds of developers managing thousands of APIs. We will talk about empathy with developers, how to shift left to increase both the quality and the security of your APIs and the path to finding a balance across processes and keeping developer’s productivity.

Isabelle Mauny
Isabelle Mauny
Isabelle is a co-founder and field CTO of 42Crunch. She spent most of her early career at IBM, in a variety of technical roles and managed relations with some of the world's largest organizations...
Darren Shelcusky
Darren Shelcusky
Ford Motor Company
Darren Shelcusky is the Connected Vehicle Cyber Security Manager, focused on Cyber Security for the vehicle connectivity ecosystem including  web clients, cloud, APIs, mobile systems, and...

How to Expose Apis Without Exposing Your Business to Risk

API Management & Security Market: Challenges, Solutions, Future Trends

Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) have evolved into one of the foundations of modern digital business. APIs are found everywhere because they are key to creating new business models and connecting with business partners and customers. But opening up APIs is risky without the right security strategy and infrastructure in place.

Only by combining proactive application security measures for developers with continuous activity monitoring with deep API-specific threat analysis for operations teams and smart, risk-based, and actionable automation for security analysts, is it possible to ensure consistent management, governance and security of corporate APIs.

API management & security solutions are an important part of modern cybersecurity. But it is important to understand this rapidly growing market before investing. This session will help you navigate this rapidly changing market to find the best fit for your company.

Alexei Balaganski
Alexei Balaganski
Alexei is an analyst with specific focus on cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence. At KuppingerCole, he covers a broad range of security-related topics: from database, application and API...


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