Digital Keys and Secrets: When to Manage Them, When to Get Rid of Them
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Digital Keys and Secrets: When to Manage Them, When to Get Rid of Them

Wednesday, September 15, 2021 09:30—09:50

Hybrid IT environments are full of secrets, like tokens, passwords, certificates and encryption keys that open access to mission-critical information. The emergence of concepts like Zero Trust authentication, Just-in-Time access and Zero Standing Privileges suggests that these access secrets don’t need to be permanent. Instead they can be created on the fly and made to expire automatically, paving way for the future where secrets or passwords no longer need to be managed and vaulted at all.

SSH.COM's CTO, Miikka Sainio, explores how reducing the number of permanent secrets enterprises manage in dynamic environments improves security, operational velocity cost-efficiency. He also discusses why managing and vaulting secrets is still a necessary phase in many cases when companies adopt modern and future-proof methods.

Miikka Sainio
Miikka Sainio
Miikka Sainio, CTO, SSH.COM: Miikka guides the software architecture and development at SSH.COM. He has over 20 years of experience in IT industry, building teams and developing products in...


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