IAM and Security

  • TYPE: Combined Session DATE: Tuesday, September 14, 2021 TIME: 11:00-12:00 LOCATION: EIC CAFÉ


In the digital era, PKI is one of the most effective technologies for authentication of users and devices that is used by worldwide companies for decades already. However, the PKI evolution does not keep pace with the growing needs of customers since legacy software and hardware are unable to address the newest challenges. And here the questions arise: what does the PKI future look like and what are the existing PKI trends?


Konstantin Krasovsky has more than 15 years of experience in business development. For the last 5 years, he has been leading strategic partnership efforts at Indeed Identity, the cybersecurity solutions vendor based in Lithuania which operates in EMEA and APAC regions. The main...

Ever since, Identity Management Environments do belong to the ‘more complex’ solution stacks in the world of IT. As a central
component and the ‘spider in the web’, it must adopt to any evolutionary change made in connected applications and systems.
Furthermore, new or modified business requirements or procedures do drive constant changes to IDM-Systems itself.
Depending on traditional, agile or ‘mixed’ service delivery and maintenance approaches in conjunction with multi-tier
environments for development, staging, pre- production and production (or even more), it becomes quite challenging to
appropriately integrate new functionality with the expected level of quantity and quality.
Most likely, its not only code and configuration which needs to be staged between the different system tiers, but also digital
identities and entitlement information.
In this talk, we will investigate different approaches to release and change management techniques specifically for IDM-Systems
and the benefits of integrated Multi-Tier environments. We discuss Good- Practice approaches from several Identity Management
projects from the past two decades, do’s and dont’s and how to deal with pseudonymization in staging environments which can
be used by any team for their ‘real-world’ acceptance tests, demo or lab work.
Key takeaways
• Get an overview of common mult-tier staging environments in IDM/IAM Landscapes
• Learn about good-practice approaches to establish staging functionalities
• anonymization and pseudo-anonymization for entity staging


Thorsten has more than 20 years’ experience within the field of Directory Technologies, Identity Management and Data Privacy. As a technical trainer, consultant and developer he co-developed one of the first Identity Management Solutions which was fully driven by Entity-Relationship...


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