Panel: Identity, Privacy, Security - The European Perspective
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Panel: Identity, Privacy, Security - The European Perspective

Monday, September 13, 2021 15:50—16:10

In recent years, we have seen quite a few transatlantic policy issues with regards to Cybersecurity and the way how personal information is being treated by private and public organizations. The main areas where we see these differences are data protection/privacy, standards & certification and last but not least private-public information sharing.

Even though the similarities between US and EU cybersecurity policies are significantly bigger than the differences, it is not only the privacy related regulation framework that has traditionally been very strong in the EU but as well, in recent years, the EU Cybersecurity Strategy that requires organizations to implement technical and organizational requirements.

In this panel session we will talk about how such requirements are met by services and solutions offered on both sides of the Atlantic and try to find out, wether there are  “cyber-cultural” differences coded into these solutions that make it more difficult to comply with local regulations on both sides.

Bjarke Alling
Bjarke Alling
National Danish Cybersecurity Council
Group Director of Liga, Member of the National Danish Cybersecurity Council and Chair of the IT Security Committee at The Danish IT Industry Association. Years of experience with Enterprise IT...
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Drs. Jacoba C. Sieders
Jacoba is a digital identity expert, eager to make digital life better and a lot more secure than it is today. Keynote speaker at international IAM congresses and teacher of masterclasses. ...
Maarten Stultjens
Maarten Stultjens
Maarten is VP Corporate Development at OneWelcome. He has a passion for identity and access management (IAM) and information security. On a daily basis he is in close contact with customers,...


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