Switching the Whole Country From Legacy to Open Standards

  • TYPE: DATE: Wednesday, March 03, 2021 TIME: 16:10-16:30

In the early years of this millennia Finland was already at the forefront in utilizing strong authentication for online services. Banks had been issuing two-factor authenticators to their customers already in the '90s. These means of strong authentication were quickly adopted by public and private sector services that required more than passwords. Mobile network operators began to offer PKI based SIM authentication. These two solutions and their somewhat legacy protocols conquered the strong authentication market and were the de-facto methods subscribing to or accessing services. Advances in technology, eIDAS, PSD2, and user expectations required a complete overhaul of the strong authentication landscape for the whole country. What happened and why? What were the lessons learned?

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Petteri Ihalainen: Switching the Whole Country From Legacy to Open Standards

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