Your Mobile Identity: Blockchain Ain't no Swiss Army Knife

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 15, 2018 TIME: 19:00-19:20
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Digital identity solutions are very wide spread and everybody is using them on a day to day basis. Mainly it can be distinguished between state issued IDs/eIDs which lack usability and are therefore not as successful as hoped and self-claimed or self-established eIDs (sometimes stored in the blockchain) where service providers have to rely on the honesty of the user. Additionally, self-claimed solutions mostly focus on the eID and don’t cover traditional ID documents. In this presentation, a mobile ID solution is presented that shows a combination of traditional printed ID documents and electronic identities (eID) into a multi-platform smartphone app that is recognized by the government. It’s an ID/eID scheme for transparent identification and authentication in the physical and digital world while security, privacy, data protection, usability and user trust are at equilibrium. Security is built upon secure processes rather than hardware (like secure elements), thus providing the fundament for broad adoption including technically challenged people. Scalable architecture, standard future-proven technologies like OpenID Connect, FIDO authentication and eIDAS compatibility build the framework for secure, failsafe and large deployments.

Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the relationship between self-sovereign identities and state issued identities.
  • Digital identity evolution (digital identities, mobile identities, biometrics, continuous identification, AI based identification and blockchain IDs).
  • How a integrated solution of IDs and eIDs in one mobile solution does look like.

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Lukas Praml holds a Master’s degree from the University of Vienna and held different positions in project management and business development while he implemented the new Austrian passport with integrated chip in a leading position and simultaneously added the ability to personalize ID...

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Lukas Praml - Your Mobile Identity: Blockchain Ain't no Swiss Army Knife

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