Tackling the Identity Explosion: Getting a grip on Customers and Partners

  • TYPE: Keynote DATE: Tuesday, May 14, 2013 TIME: 17:50-18:10
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The “Extended Enterprise” nowadays is a reality. Organizations have extended their business processes to integrate business partners and customers. They are opening up their environments for more and more classes of users. However, dealing with externals also means dealing with their digital identities. What Martin Kuppinger called “the Identity Explosion” in last years’ EIC keynote is a challenge organizations must solve now. It is not only about extending business processes but also about extending the underlying infrastructure, namely the identity infrastructure. It is about going beyond the Active Directory, building on what already exists to solve the new challenges organizations face in dealing with customers and partners in tight integration with their existing infrastructure. Kim Cameron will provide insights and news about that approach on extending your existing Identity infrastructure to get ready for the future.

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Kim Cameron - Tackling the Identity Explosion: Getting a grip on Customers and Partners


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