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It Takes a Community to Manage an API Ecosystem

Intro Starting at the EIC 2012 I have been talking and presenting a lot about The API Economy. The API Economy has become a strategic topic for organizations. As one can expect with a hot topic, there are many opinions and views on the matter. Therefore there a many comments, blog posts and…

Product Report

Product Report: 3Scale API Management - 70626

The emerging API Economy is presenting significant challenges to all industry participants. When coupled with the Computing Troika—Cloud, Mobile, and Social computing—the API Economy is bringing about change in strategy requirements that have not ever been presented to…


Identity in an API Economy

KuppingerCole Webinar recording

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: API Economy Ecosystem - 70625

The nascent API Economy is rapidly maturing and is shaping up to be both promising and challenging. Meeting the challenges of The API Economy will be as important for customers as embracing the personal computer was in the 1980s or embracing the mobile and tablet trends are today.…


Oct 16, 2012: Identity in an API Economy

In an API Economy, everyone and everything has an API. That means 26 billion APIs by the year 2015. What is your organization doing to prepare for this fundamental shift in IT infrastructure? Join KuppingerCole´s Distinguished Analyst Craig Burton and Layer 7 Technologies CTO Scott Morrison…


SCIM and the Microsoft Graph API

Kim Cameron recently blogged about his view on SCIM and the Microsoft Graph API. Kim explains his view as to why SCIM and the Microsoft Graph API, which is related to the WAAS (Windows Azure Active Directory), are complementary. That reminded me of two older posts in my own blog: In 2010 I…


IBM CastIron – delivering on the promise of the Open API Economy

Some days ago I had a very interesting briefing with IBM on their CastIron products. I had been in touch with CastIron way before they became part of IBM, because CastIron was one of the most interesting start-ups around “Cloud Integration”, i.e. the ability to integrate different cloud…


Smart Data: The better Big Data – using the Open API Economy concepts to better deal with your data

IT vendors these days are making a lot of noise about “Big Data”. That comes as no surprise, since Big Data allows selling masses of expensive hardware, software, and services. But does it really make that much sense for the customer? The sales pitch for Big Data is that companies can…


Is API Growth in a Stall?

Intro Last year when we published the API Economy document, we showed the growth rate of APIs over time. Examining the numbers from the same source — the ProgrammableWeb — in 2012 it appears as if the hockey stick growth of over 100% each year is starting to slow down. What is really…


EIC 2012 Session: The Kuppingercole IT Model and the API Economy

Craig Burton, KuppingerCole Kim Cameron, Microsoft Martin Kuppinger, KuppingerCole Fulup Ar Foll, KuppingerCole Dr. Steven Willmott, 3Scale April 19, 2012 11:30


Dynamic Authorization Management Best Practices

Due to a last minute speaker change I had to prepare a short presentation on „Dynamic Authorization Management – Best Practices from our Advisory“ for EIC 2012. When we found a replacement for the speaker, I didn’t give that presentation. However I will do a webinar on that soon and I want…


EIC 2012 Keynote: How Mobility Clouds the Future and SOA / Web 2.0 gives way to the Cloud API

André Durand, Founder & CEO, Ping Identity April 18, 2012 18:00

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AI for the Future of your Business: Effective, Safe, Secure & Ethical Everything we admire, love, need to survive, and that brings us further in creating a better future with a human face is and will be a result of intelligence. Synthesizing and amplifying our human intelligence have therefore the potential of leading us into a new era of prosperity like we have not seen before, if we succeed keeping AI Safe, Secure and Ethical. Since the very beginning of industrialization, and even before, we have been striving at structuring our work in a way that it becomes accessible for [...]



Getting a Grip on Your Big Data – Informatica Announces Acquisition of Compact Solutions

Informatica just announced that they agreed to acquire Compact Solutions, a vendor of Enterprise Metadata Management with engineering and professional services being based out of Krakow, Poland. Compact Solutions core product is MetaDex, which enables full end-to-end visibility of data flows, especially around some complex data sources, and thus helps organizations in understanding, tracking, managing, and protecting data flows and increasing efficiency in their broader data and analytics [...]