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Quantifying Access Risk: How to Sell the Access Governance Project to your CFO

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The Identity Explosion – one reason to re-engineer not only our IAM

During my Opening Keynote at this year’s EIC (European Identity & Cloud Conference,, when talking about the Top Trends in IAM, Mobile Security, GRC, and Cloud Computing I used the term “Identity Explosion” to describe the trend that organizations will continue (or start)…

Executive View

Advisory Note: European Identity Award 2012: OpenID Connect - 70706

Best New Standard 2012 in Category „Best Innovation/New Standard in Information Security”: Providing the Consumerization of SAML. Driving the adoption of federation and making this much simpler.

Advisory Note

Best Practice: European Identity Award 2012: Swisscom - 70705

Special Award 2012 for „Mobile Security”: Swisscom MobileID – secure and easy authentication using the mobile phone with minimal impact on hardware based on ETSI Mobile Signature Standard.

Advisory Note

Best Practice: European Identity Award 2012: Sanofi S.A. - 70704

Best Project 2012 in the Category „Best Cloud Security Project”: Implementing Federation quickly to support business requirements. Federation becoming a business enabling technology. Building the foundation for future business cases. Enabling secure access to Cloud applications.

Advisory Note

Best Practice: European Identity Award 2012: Europol - 70703

Best Project 2012 in Category „Best Access Governance and Intelligence Project”: Strategic IAM project adding centralized auditing across all IAM modules. Ready for further expansion of auditing in an IAM ecosystem in a highly security-sensitive environment, including…

Advisory Note

Best Practice: European Identity Award 2012: Siemens AG - 70701

Best Project 2012 in Category „Best Identity and Access Management Project”: Enabling the hybrid Cloud in an audit-proof way. Based on a flexible, scalable, standards-based architecture. Supporting complex, dynamic approval workflows in a very large scale environment.

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Migration Options for your Legacy Provisioning - 70607

Migrating an existing provisioning system always becomes a red-hot topic once a vendor becomes acquired by another vendor. In these situations - like the acquisition of Sun Microsystems by Oracle, of Novell by NetIQ, of Völcker by Quest Software and all the other acquisitions…

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: IAM and GRC Market – the Evolution in 2012/2013 - 70580

IAM (Identity and Access Management) and GRC (Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance) are two of the most important IT market segments these days. They are driven by various factors. One is increasing regulatory pressure. Companies need to manage their risks, including access risks to…

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Privilege Management - 70177

Privilege Management - which, in the KuppingerCole nomenclature, is called PxM - is the term used for technologies which help to audit and limit elevated rights and what can be done with shared accounts. During the last few years, PxM has become increasingly popular. Some vendors have…

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