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Identity and Access Management for Microsoft Azure and SharePoint Online

... and emerging cloud services: Provisioning, Privilege Management or Access Recertification to name ...

Buyer's Compass

Buyer's Compass: Buyer’s Guide: Ransomware Protection

by John Tolbert

... service accounts governed by external privilege management systems. The kernel mode components ...


Knowing Your Customer Well: The Importance of Assurance and Identity Governance for CIAM

... , delegated administration and fine-grained privilege management.

Leadership Compass

Leadership Compass: Identity as a Service: Cloud-based Provisioning, Access Governance and Federation (IDaaS B2E)

by Martin Kuppinger

... Identity Manager - 71455 Leadership Compass: Privilege Management - 72330 Leadership Compass: CIAM Platforms ...

Executive View

Executive View: Avatier Identity Management Suite (AIMS)

by Dave Kearns

... like to see such as Privilege Management and Identity Federation. Over all ...

Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief: Schutz gegen Ransomware

by John Tolbert

... ein Programm Verschlüsselung-Funktionen aufruft. Privilege Management: Setzen Sie das Prinzip der ...

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Blockchain and Risk

by Mike Small

... for example through background checks. Privilege management technology should be used to ...


Is there really no way to avoid shared user accounts?

by Martin Kuppinger

... , mainly in the context of Privilege Management, I raised the (somewhat provocative) claim ... and openly consider alternative solutions. Privilege Management tools are just helping with ... publish a new Leadership Compass on Privilege Management soon. Given that shared accounts ...

Executive View

Executive View: Universal SSH Key Manager

by Alexei Balaganski

... Certificate Management – 70961 Leadership Compass: Privilege Management – 71100 Advisory Note: Enterprise Key ...


Scott Carlson - Just trust everyone and we will be fine, right?

Why can’t you simply trust your employees to do the right thing? What benefit to the business comes from technical security controls? In this session, we will realistically consider which projects can reduce risk most quickly, which layers of security are most important, and how things like privilege management, vulnerability control, over-communicating, and reducing the attack surface can help.