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We support you in the definition of your future GDPR strategies

On May, 25th 2018 the EU GDPR came into force and the requirements for managing personal data changed substantially by introducing extended data subject rights and new and modified obligations for organizations.


Imagining Future Regulations on AI – Similarities to the GDPR?

... the risk they pose Article 22 of GDPR speaks to a data subject’s right ... right to an algorithmic explanation in the GDPR has been heavily debated ... gaps in the ability of the GDPR to assure protection to data subjects ... be made in the model of the GDPR, using similar…


Buyer's Guide: Marketing Automation Systems and GDPR Readiness - 80018

... system might be helpful, considering important GDPR principles, e.g.: ● data anonymization ● data ... Management of multi business units in terms of GDPR GDPR compliant 3rd party support (e.g. ... Management of multi business units in terms of GDPR GDPR compliant 3rd party support (e.…


Whitepaper: Meeting GDPR Challenges with Delphix - 70368

... 3 2 GDPR: Background and Overview 4 3 GDPR and Non-Production Data 6 4 Meeting GDPR ... of Consent Management: CIAM vs. GDPR There Is No Such Thing as GDPR-Compliant Software or SaaS ... 70340 - KuppingerCole KuppingerCole Whitepaper Meeting GDPR Challenges with…


Whitepaper: GDPR Herausforderungen mit Delphix meistern - 70368

... 3 2 GDPR: Hintergrund und Überblick 4 3 GDPR und Nicht-Produktionsdaten 6 4 Erfüllen von GDPR- ... Interpretationsspielraum der EU-Mitgliedsstaaten. Die GDPR definiert personenbezogene Daten als ... zur Vorbereitung auf die GDPR umfassen: 1) Identifizierung aller…


Advisory Note: Maturity Level Matrix for GDPR Readiness - 72557

... Readiness Maturity Level Matrix 11 2.1 A GDPR primer 11 2.2 The GDPR Readiness Maturity Level Matrix 13 3 Copyright ... Key Actions to Prepare for GDPR - 70340 Report: GDPR and PSD2: Challenges and ... becomes a major topic with the GDPR. GDPR introduces the concept of…


Whitepaper: ForgeRock: The Effect of GDPR on Customer Relations - 73000

... Provider Codes of Conduct and GDPR – 70276 GDPR and PSD2: Challenges ... the impact of the EU GDPR ● How the EU GDPR will affect the ... General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) The EU GDPR becomes effective May ... a major topic with the GDPR. GDPR


Leadership Brief: Marketing Chatbots and GDPR - 79026

... and unambiguous indication […]” (extracted from GDPR, article 32). It does not matter ... personalized consent settings after authentication. GDPR requires “consent per purpose”, so ... protection by design and by default (according to GDPR, article 25) Social networks and ...


CCPA: GDPR as a Catalyst for Improving Data Protection Outside the EU

... European General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR), perception has shifted. Many companies ... 1, 2020. CCPA is surely no 1:1 copy of the GDPR, for it it is considerably slimmer, a little more ... the differences between the requirements of GDPR and CCPA. Those enterprises, to…


Leadership Brief: Cloud Provider Codes of Conduct and GDPR - 70276

... rights GDPR Art 28(3)(e)) Security GDPR Art 32(1) Contractual terms GDPR Art 28(3) Transfer of data GDPR Art ... 44 Sub contracted processing GDPR Art 28(4) Demonstrating compliance GDPR Art 28(3)(h) Confidentiality agreements GDPR ...


There Is No Such Thing as GDPR-Compliant Software or SaaS Solution

... SaaS services nor software can be GDPR compliant. GDPR is a regulation for organizations that ... individual. Thus, organizations must enforce GDPR compliance, which includes, e.g., implementing the ... “data processor” in the context of GDPR can be GDPR compliant (for…