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Feb 26, 2015 The constantly accelerating pace of change in today's businesses and their requirements influence all types of organizations, their business and operational processes and the underlying IT. Keeping up to speed with agile, innovative businesses and their requirements increases the demand for… Webinar
Feb 25, 2015 In today’s press conference regarding the last week’s publications on a possible compromise of SIM cards from Gemalto by the theft of keys the company has confirmed security incidents during the time frame mentioned in the original report. It’s difficult to say, however, whether their other… Blog
Feb 25, 2015 In einer Pressekonferenz zu den Veröffentlichungen von vergangener Woche zu einer möglichen Kompromittierung von SIM-Karten von Gemalto durch den Diebstahl von Schlüsseln hat Gemalto heute bekannt gemacht dass es Vorfälle gegeben hat – ob wirklich keine anderen Produkte betroffen waren kann… Blog
Feb 24, 2015 In recent years, the area of “Operational Technology” – the technology used in manufacturing, in Industrial Control Systems (ICS), SCADA devices, etc. – has gained the attention of Information Security people. This is a logical consequence of the digital transformation of businesses as well… Blog
Feb 23, 2015 RSA Archer by RSA, The Security Division of EMC is a full-featured GRC-framework providing an enterprise-wide, systemic approach to implementing Governance, Compliance and Risk Management. With its platform approach it can be continuously adapted to maturing GRC-strategies towards… Executive View
Feb 23, 2015 Sharing information securely is becoming increasingly important within companies, be it to protect intellectual properly, meet regulatory requirements for privacy or simply to avoid embarrassing leaks of proprietary information. While it is easy to stop access to documents and files, it is… Executive View
Feb 23, 2015 There is an increasing number of documents purporting to advise on how to migrate to an Attribute-Based Access Control environment. The real requirement is for Adaptive Policy-based Access Management. Here are some tips... Advisory Note
Feb 20, 2015 Even almost two years after Edward Snowden made off with a cache of secret NSA documents, the gradual ongoing publication of these materials, complemented by independent research from information security experts has provided a unique insight into the extent of global surveillance programs… Blog
Feb 20, 2015 Back in 2012, KuppingerCole introduced the concept of Life Management Platforms. This concept aligns well with the VRM (Vendor Relationship Management) efforts of ProjectVRM, however it goes beyond in not solely focusing on the customer to vendor relationships. Some other terms occasionally… Blog
Feb 20, 2015 In einer weltweiten Online-Studie befragte KuppingerCole Experten aus dem Bereich der Informationssicherheit zu ihrer derzeitigen Wahrnehmung von digitalen Risiken und Sicherheit. Die Studie weist auf eine signifikant gestiegene Wahrnehmung beider Bedrohungen, d.h. von potenziellen… Advisory Note
Feb 19, 2015 At KuppingerCole, we have been following the progress of FIDO alliance for quite some time. Since their specifications for scalable and interoperable strong authentication have been published last year, FIDO has already had several successful deployments in collaboration with such industry… Blog
Feb 13, 2015 More than 10 years ago, Bill Gates predicted the death of the password. A decade later, reality shows that passwords are still the most common authentication method. Security and costs of passwords are critical factors for enterprises and organizations. Podcast
Feb 13, 2015 ARCON is a privately held technology company established in 2006 in London with research & development headquartered in Mumbai, India. Originally founded as a provider of enterprise risk solutions, the company has expanded its portfolio over the years and currently offers products… Executive View
Feb 11, 2015 It’s not RBAC vs. ABAC – it’s APAM. Over the past several years, there have been a lot of discussions around terms such as RBAC (Role Based Access Control), ABAC (Attribute Based Access Control), Dynamic Authorization Management (DAM) and standards such as XACML. Other terms such as… Blog
Feb 11, 2015 Both the use of cloud services and outsourcing services to MSPs (Managed Service Providers) are on the rise. Managing cloud services or opening on-premise, hybrid, and external services for management by external operators requires the ability for controlling access, particularly privileged… Webinar
Feb 05, 2015 A survey on the awareness of digital risks and security risks run and compiled by KuppingerCole. Providing insight into the current perception of digital and security risks, complemented with analysis and recommendations by KuppingerCole. Advisory Note
Feb 03, 2015 It is estimated by the International Telecommunication Union that the total number of mobile devices in the world has already exceeded the number of people. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly advanced as well. In fact, modern smartphones are as powerful as desktop computers, but… Analysts' View
Feb 03, 2015 This Executive Luncheon & Afternoon seminar will provide an overall view on Identity & Access Management and Identity & Access Governance IAM/IAG and the various subtopics to allow you to - define your own "big picture" for your future IAM infrastructure. Seminar
Feb 03, 2015 Companies today must manage their migration to the Cloud. Too many organisations find that they are already using Cloud services before they have planned their movement from “on-premise” applications to hosted services. Business & Technology Breakfast
Feb 02, 2015 UMA, the upcoming User Managed Access Protocol, is a profile of OAuth 2.0. The specification itself defines the role of UMA as follows: “UMA defines how resource owners can control protected-resource access by clients operated by arbitrary requesting parties, where the resources reside on… Blog
Jan 30, 2015 SAP Cloud User and Access Management solution for simple onboarding of external users in B2B and B2C scenarios and for managing access of all types of users to cloud services, run on the SAP HANA platform. Executive View
Jan 29, 2015 Amazon Web Services has again made headlines today by announcing Amazon WorkMail – their managed email and calendaring service targeted at corporate customers. This is obviously a direct take on their biggest competitors, namely, Google and Microsoft, and the biggest differentiators Amazon… Blog
Jan 29, 2015 The problem of enterprises grappling with large multiple data and information systems is nothing new. What has changed are the internal and external market expectations, the new technology choices and the constraints and opportunities provided by emerging regulations. Take a deep breath and… Advisory Note
Jan 27, 2015 NetIQ Access Manager is an example of an integrated Access Management and Identity Federation solution. In fact, NetIQ has been the first vendor to combine federation functionality with web access management features, thus providing a completely integrated solution based on a solid… Executive View
Jan 26, 2015 i-Sprint Innovations is a vendor of Identity, Credentials and Access Management solutions based in Singapore. Established in 2000, i-Sprint is focusing on providing solutions for financial industry and other high security environments. Since 2011, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of… Executive View
Jan 22, 2015 Enabling development speed and agility also brings heightened risk to the business. Risks can be greatly reduced by applying appropriate controls, and business benefits increased by leveraging SDI.  Advisory Note
Jan 21, 2015 This week, the EU-funded project ABC4Trust, led by Prof. Dr. Kai Rannenberg, Goethe University Frankfurt, announced that they successfully implemented two pilot projects. The target of the project has been what Kim Cameron in his Seven Laws of Identity has defined as law #2, “Minimal… Blog
Jan 21, 2015 Take a pro-active rather that re-active approach to the adoption of Cloud services. Plan your move to the Cloud taking a strategic view of your requirements, processes and deployment options. Make the Cloud perform for you - not the other way around. The question posed in the title of… Advisory Note
Jan 20, 2015 How to make use of cloud services and digital identities of employees, partners, customer and things to leverage your business to the next level It is the combination of identity services, mobility support, and cloud services that allows organizations not only digitalizing their… Podcast
Jan 19, 2015 BalaBit IT Security wurde im Jahr 2000 in Ungarn gegründet. Ihr erstes Produkt war eine Application Layer Firewall Suite mit der Bezeichnung Zorp. Seitdem hat BalaBit sich zu einer internationalen Holding mit Sitz in Luxemburg entwickelt und verfügt über Vertriebsstellen in… Executive View
Jan 16, 2015 Many customers, especially in the EU (European Union) and particularly in Germany and some other countries, are reluctant regarding cloud adoption. There are other regions with comparable situations, such as the Middle East or some countries in the APAC region. Particularly public cloud… Blog
Jan 16, 2015 Improve your level of compliance, gain up-to-date insight and reduce recertification workload. Add business risk scoring to your Access Governance Architecture, focus attention on high-risk access and extend your existing infrastructure to provide real-time access risk information. Re-think… Advisory Note
Jan 16, 2015 Two things are for sure in IT today: The cloud is here to stay. And on-premise IT at least in medium-sized and large organizations will not disappear quickly. IT environments are increasingly becoming hybrid. This requires well thought-out solutions for connecting the on-premise and the… Webinar
Jan 15, 2015 One of the major challenges that faces organizations using a cloud or hosting service is to know where their data is held and processed. This may be to ensure that they remain in compliance with laws and regulations or simply because they have a mistrust of certain geo-political regions.… Blog
Jan 13, 2015 Whether public, private or hybrid clouds, whether SaaS, IaaS or PaaS: All these cloud computing approaches are differing in particular with respect to the question, whether the processing sites/parties can be determined or not, and whether the user has influence on the geographical,… Analysts' View
Jan 13, 2015 Are your operational technology (OT) networks hosting Industrial Control Systems (ICS) and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems, well secured? For many organizations, the answer is still “no”. Information security generally focuses on Information Technology (IT) networks… Webinar
Jan 12, 2015 Centrify is a US based Identity Management software vendor that was founded in 2004. Centrify has achieved recognition for its identity and access management solutions for web and cloud-based applications, as well as management for Mac and mobile devices and their apps. The company is VC… Executive View
Jan 08, 2015 More than 10 years ago, Bill Gates predicted the death of the password. A decade later, reality shows that passwords are still the most common authentication method. Security and costs of passwords are critical factors for enterprises and organizations. Webinar
Jan 06, 2015 What’s so special about EIC? This is what our attendees say! See you in Munich in 2015! Podcast
Jan 06, 2015 There are three major trends driving the adoption of Gateway solutions: Proliferation of inter-connected devices We are at the beginning of an exponential increase in the number of devices and systems that we wish to connect together for data interchange purposes. The need for… Executive View
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It is estimated by the International Telecommunication Union that the total number of mobile devices in the world has already exceeded the number of people. Mobile devices are becoming increasingly advanced as well. In fact, modern smartphones are as powerful as desktop computers, but “know” much more about their owners: current and past location, contents of their private text messages, photos and other sensitive information, as well as their online banking credentials and other financial data. They are also always connected to the Internet and thus are especially vulnerable to hacking and malware exploits.
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