All the Roads Lead to the C, Paved with B2B

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Tuesday, May 28, 2019 TIME: 4:00pm CEST, 10:00am EDT, 7:00am PDT
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All the Roads Lead to the C, Paved with B2B

More and more organizations use CIAM for B2B use cases as such combination can help companies position themselves on the market. While no one argues that user experience journey for the B2B Customer is just as important as any other customer, they most certainly need a relatively different set of features.

CIAM differs from the Enterprise IAM in a way that it is more flexible, usually less homogenous and rigid and this is important for every customer, be it small, or large-scale company acting as an end user or just a person, – smooth and effortless navigation.

As the world becomes more dynamic, companies also aspire to become smarter, more secure by adopting new solutions faster in a more efficient way. But nothing comes without risk and to avoid risks the best is to be informed about the new solutions, its challenges, opportunities, and requirements.

In this context, the webinar will concentrate on following key points:

  • How do use cases and capabilities for B2C and B2B differ and where do they overlap.
  • The B2B requirements on IAM.
  • Why B2B and B2C is not merely an authentication but the entire journey, starting with self or managed registration.

In the first part of the webinar, Martin Kuppinger, Founder and Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole will talk about the focus changes on IAM he observes across business, from traditional on premises employee-centric IAM towards more holistic, access-focused solutions that support the digital transformation of organizations. He specifically will look at changing requirements and why businesses need to rethink their IAM, CIAM, and “BIAM” initiatives.

In the second part, Marko Venuti, VP of Product Management at iWelcome will discuss how modern CIAM platform such as iWelcome support B2B use cases for managing the ´consumerised´ intermediaries such as agents, dealers and after-sales-support personnel, eliminating the misconceptions in the CIAM space and guide you to understand why iWelcome is the Appian Way for B2B2C.


Marco Venuti joined iWelcome in 2018 as VP Product Management. He has a rich history in Identity and Access Management and is skilled in translating business strategy and vision into digital solutions. Prior to joining iWelcome, he was the CTO for Identity Governance solutions at IBM, where he...

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iWelcome provides Identity & Access Management as-a-service (IDaaS). We enable organisations to manage the identity lifecycle and the access rights of their consumers, workforce & business partners in a user friendly and secure manner, with European data residency. Our CIAM platform is rated ‘Excellent’ by Gartner and named ‘Product and Innovation Leader’ by KuppingerCole, due to our extensive GDPR support with a unique role for Consent Lifecycle Management. 

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