Access Governance in a Cloudy Environment

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Tuesday, September 22, 2015 TIME: 4:00pm CEST, 10:00am EDT, 7:00am PDT
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Managing risk and compliance when using cloud services

Organizations are increasingly using the new technologies of smart devices, cloud computing and social media to connect with their customers, improve service and reduce costs. To successfully exploit these new technologies organizations need to understand and manage the risks that these bring.

It is often the case that organizations overlook ingraining security best practices while adopting Cloud. Building an effective access governance program specifically targeted at Cloud services is vital to prevent misuse, protect against targeted attacks and address compliance mandates. Gaining visibility into aspects of “who has access to sensitive data” and “who has privileged access” is critical as organizations remain responsible for managing access to Cloud services and the data it holds.

In this KuppingerCole Webinar, you will hear about:

  • How new technologies and cloud services are changing the risk landscape
  • Why access governance and intelligence is critical to manage these risks
  • Strategies to secure data on collaboration platforms
  • Best practices to enforce security policies and controls for infrastructure services (IaaS)
  • Achieving regulatory compliance in financially significant applications (SaaS)


In the first part of this webinar, Mike Small, Fellow Analyst at KuppingerCole, will describe the changing risk landscape and how knowing who has access to what is a key requirement to managing risk.  He will describe access governance in the context of cloud services and best practices to secure different types of cloud platforms.

In the second part, Amit Saha from Saviynt will describe their approach to Access Governance and Intelligence for cloud services and will explain how Saviynt offers an integrated platform to manage risks across data, applications and infrastructure.

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Amit manages overall operations at Saviynt that includes driving product strategy, business development, alliances and go-to-market planning. He also manages strategic customer and partner relationships. He comes with over 16 years of experience in IT Security, Identity & Access Management...

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Access Governance and Intelligence for Cloud and Enterprise Applications

Saviynt offers Access Governance and Intelligence solutions for Cloud, Enterprise Applications and Big Data Platforms. Saviynt combines traditional access governance features with advanced usage analytics, data access governance and compliance controls to secure organization’s critical assets.

Saviynt helps organizations extend IAM processes seamlessly to Cloud and provide the ability to request access to fine-grained business processes and transactions. The innovative product portfolio also offers the ability to identify sensitive data, enforce controls to detect and prevent data loss, privileged access governance, user behavior analytics among many other advanced features. 

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