Beyond Simple Attestation – How to Really Keep Your Access Under Control

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Wednesday, March 24, 2010 TIME: 17:00-18:00 CET, 12pm Eastern
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Attestation should not be a point solution, but an element within a larger information security architecture. In this Webinar, we will talk about where access certification is today and what is changing – and what has to change. We will describe maturity levels with respect to access certification and will focus on the relationship to risk management and to overall IT governance.

When looking at the hype topic of access governance and, within that, the access certification, it is worth to step back and considering what we have to do to really keep our access under control. Access Certification is a part of Access Governance – and that’s an element of Information Security as well as IT Governance and Risk Management at the IT and operational level. When looking at access certification, the evolution proves that many things like integration and implementation approaches have changed. Thus, it is about better understanding where access certification is and where it will move.

In this Webinar, Martin Kuppinger will talk about where access certification is today and what is changing – and what has to change. He will describe maturity levels with respect to access certification. He will focus on the relationship to risk management, to overall IT governance, and discuss what you need beyond that to make it not a point solution but an element of a larger Information Security architecture.

After that, Simeio and Oracle will talk about their practice on implementing access certification and access governance in real-world implementations of different sizes and in different industries, making use of the breadth of the combined Oracle/Sun portfolio in that segment. They will talk about what is coming up from Oracle and how to integrate it with other elements of the broad IAM/GRC portfolio of Oracle. But, beyond that view, Simeio and Oracle will focus on best practices for a access certification application which is mature enough to fulfill what customers really need, beyond today’s hype and the solutions of simple problems.

This Webinar is supported by Simeio Solutions and Oracle.


Naynesh Patel is a Senior Partner with Simeio Solutions responsible for guiding business strategies and operations, as well as leading the technology and product direction of the company. He has over 15 years of experience in the implementation, strategy, design and assessment of identity and...

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