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Migrating away from your Current Provisioning Product - Options and Challenges

Regardless of what service providers or vendors may have told you: migrating away from Sun Identity Manager or any of the other Provisioning tools will not be an easy task, and it may not even be a mainly technical task. Just think of all the processes behind a myriad of custom forms and workflows created in a... More

Migration Destinations Round Table

Most vendors do offer migration proposals for Sun Identity Manager/Oracle Waveset Identity Manager, either explicitly ("Plan B"), or implicitly. In this session we will give an overview on those offerings and first let every vendor represented in this workshop describe the key elements of his offering. Then, you... More

Securing the communication of Mobile Devices

With the rising amount of Mobile Devices and Apps, a new challenge drives the integration and security teams in companies. Harmless and business critical applications run on the same device of managers and workers. The well established software deployment policies do not work well in this dynamic environment.... More

Process Maturity Needs

Recent and not so recent developments like SOA, BYOD, or Cloud Services as a common denominator require reliable, fine grained, actively managed and monitored authentication and authorization. This simple truth has been frequently spread since quite a while and should be widely known meanwhile. Less understood... More

Identity Management for the Connected Vehicle

Car IT and the connection of vehicles with cloud services or other vehicles via the internet is currently one of the hottest topics in the automotive industry. OEMs that have recognized this trend and are implementing adequate solutions will enjoy a distinctive advantage over their competitors.

... More

Connecting your Vehicle to your Personal Data Vault

The connected vehicle becomes reality. However, like in so many cases, business requests and security requirements are not necessarily the same. How can we ensure that we don’t end up with connected cars that are insecure and can get cracked electronically, allowing attackers to stop the car or take... More

Agile Security: The Services you Need to Provide in your Identity and Security Infrastrucutre

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