How to Stop Attacker Movement in Your Network Before They Reach your “Crown Jewels”

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Thursday, September 12, 2019 TIME: 4:00pm CEST, 10:00am EDT, 7:00am PDT
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How to Stop Attacker Movement in Your Network Before They Reach your “Crown Jewels” Identify and remove the riskiest pathways before it’s too late

Nearly all high-impact cyberattacks have a phase in which the attacker must conduct lateral movement from their initial landing point to their ultimate target. To do this, the attacker needs a combination of credentials and available connections between one system and another. This is the evasive process of “living off the land” using the connectivity native to the organization.

During a normal workday, credentials and connections proliferate within a network. Once inside, attackers use Mimikatz and other attack tools to automate and accelerate credential harvesting, network discovery, and privilege escalation. Until now, defenders have lacked the ability to get ahead of this process. Identifying and removing excess, high-risk, and rogue connections has been a manual effort— impossible at scale.

In this KuppingerCole webinar, we are going to examine the various ways to deprive attackers of what they need to move laterally in your network by identifying and removing the riskiest pathways that lead to your “crown jewels”.

Join us to discuss:

  • How normal business activity creates dangerous opportunities for malicious lateral movement
  • The cyber hygiene functions needed to harden the network against modern APT attacks
  • How continuous visibility into your attack surface can augment other core security functions, such as privileged access management (PAM) and vulnerability management

In the first part of the webinar, KuppingerCole’s Lead Analyst Alexei Balaganski will talk about the risks and challenges modern hyperconnected businesses are facing and about finding the balance between real-time visibility into ongoing attacks and proactive infrastructure hardening that would prevent them from happening.

In the second part, Wade Lance, Principal Solution Architect from Illusive Networks will dive into details of implementing this approach. He will talk about automating the discovery, management and ultimate reduction of your company’s attack surface, easily and at scale.


Alexei is an analyst with specific focus on cybersecurity. His deep technical understanding allows him to support customers even with complex architectural and security challenges. Previously he has served as KuppingerCole's CTO. After graduating with an MSc degree in Mathematics and...

Wade Lance has been productizing new technologies in education, healthcare and information security for over 20 years. He has diverse experience in solution design for global 1000 cybersecurity teams, an extensive background in advanced cyber-attack detection, and a specialty in cyber deception...

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Illusive Networks stops cyberattacks by destroying attackers’ ability to make decisions as they move toward their targets. Illusive’s simple, agentless solutions eliminate high-risk pathways to critical systems, detect attackers early, and capture real-time forensics to minimize incident impact so that organizations can function with greater confidence and cyber agility.

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