Secure Login for Highly-Regulated Hybrid Environments: Avoid Being Forced Into the Cloud

  • LANGUAGE: English DATE: Thursday, April 25, 2019 TIME: 4:00pm CEST, 10:00am EDT, 7:00am PDT
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Secure Login for Highly-Regulated Hybrid Environments: Avoid Being Forced Into the Cloud

The march of the cloud is unstoppable. Eager to outsource the tedious and expensive maintenance of their IT infrastructures to a reliable 3rd party, most companies would dream of becoming cloud-native, at least in the long term. Needless to say, letting someone else run your identity management out there sounds like a great idea as well, hence the rising popularity of Identity-as-a-Service solutions that combine the latest technology achievements with the flexibility of the cloud.

Unfortunately, for the majority of businesses - especially those operating in highly regulated industries - the cloud future does not look that simple: various business, security and compliance challenges prevent a straightforward IdaaS deployment and force them to design a complicated hybrid architecture to work around compliance regulations, legacy systems, and other issues. But does it really have to be that way?

What if companies could build their own strong authentication platform that offers the newest features, flexibility, and ease of deployment of cloud-based solutions but can be operated completely on-premises? Of course, it should still be able to authenticate and secure access to cloud services along with on-prem apps. In this KuppingerCole webinar, we’ll be looking into “the other hybrid” approach!

These are the key takeaways:

  • Key business, security, and compliance challenges of regulated industries
  • A better understanding of authentication in hybrid IT environments
  • Building a modern workplace with on-premises requirements
  • Ensuring the best user experience with secure login across on-prem and cloud applications

In the first part of the webinar, Alexei Balaganski, Lead Analyst at KuppingerCole, will talk about the latest trends in the field of strong authentication and will outline the challenges that companies with on-premises requirements are facing while trying to adopt them.

In the second part, Niklas Brask, Co-founder & President, Sales at Pointsharp, will provide a deeper insight into the various business, security and user experience aspects of designing a hybrid authentication strategy. He will also demonstrate how Pointsharp can help companies secure access to their on-prem and cloud apps without unneeded complexity of the traditional hybrid approach.


Alexei is an analyst with specific focus on cybersecurity. His deep technical understanding allows him to support customers even with complex architectural and security challenges. Previously he has served as KuppingerCole's CTO. After graduating with an MSc degree in Mathematics and...

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