Trending at EIC 2022: Integrating Decentralized & Centralized Identity
The Changing Market for Access Control & Risk Management for Business Applications
The European Identity & Cloud Conference Celebrates Its 15th Edition – Time for Looking Back
EIC veteran Martin Kuppinger takes us on a journey through the history of the most important IAM conference.
Software Supply Chain Risks: How to re-assess when there is a ban?
With supply chains under attack and the recent Kaspersky ban, CISOs need to act. But how?
Where IAM trends are set: Everything around Identity & Privacy at EIC 2022
In the past 15 years, EIC is known as the leading event for current and future trends in IAM and privacy (not to mention cloud security or cybersecurity). Check out the highlights of EIC's “trending topics”.
Accelerating Your Digital Journey
The current market is adapting to higher security standards quickly. This comes with unique challenges. Integrating new digital services around an existing system is a highly time-consuming process. Authlete enables companies to move forward.
No Security Without Confirmation
Many organizations still do not implement certificates to authenticate, encrypt data, or sign documents. Although it highly increases security. But nothing comes without challenges. Large-scale management of certificates needs to be made simple. Find out how.
Identity Fabrics: Developing your IAM Program from Vision to Strategy
IAM programs must meet current requirements and also prepare IAM for the future. This requires a vision and a well-defined strategy, blueprint, and roadmap. Identity Fabrics are the foundation.
Modernization of IGA
Implementing Identity Management and Governance is a long and cumbersome journey. Customizing the system to suit your organization is a must. This process takes a lot of time. Arun Binaykia and Martin Kuppinger discuss how Sath is solving the issue.
Every Organization Swiftly Secured
Martin Kuppinger had a great interview with Austin Baker from SecurEnds about the importance of access governance. In the world of access management, many organizations around the world are not ready to do access certification. Get up to speed and watch now!
Adding Bread to the Sandwich: Beyond MITRE D3FEND
The Future of Authentication - Passwordless
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