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The Next Level of Zero Trust: Software Security and Cyber Supply Chain Risk Management

The recent SolarWinds incident has shed a light on an area of cybersecurity that is not frequently in focus. Better said, it is “again has shed a light”, if we remember the Heartbleed incident that happened back in 2014. Back then, my colleague Alexei Balaganski wrote in a blog post that “software developers (both commercial and OSS) […] should not rely blindly on third-party libraries, but treat them as a part of critical infrastructure”. What we need is a defined approach and consequent enforcement of what, in a slightly awkward manner, is called...


Getting a Grip on Your Big Data – Informatica Announces Acquisition of Compact Solutions

Informatica just announced that they agreed to acquire Compact Solutions, a vendor of Enterprise Metadata Management with engineering and professional services being based out of Krakow, Poland. Compact Solutions core product is MetaDex, which enables full end-to-end visibility of data flows, especially around some complex data sources, and thus helps organizations in understanding, tracking, managing, and protecting data flows and increasing efficiency in their broader data and analytics landscape as well as making more efficient use of their data. Metadata Management: Knowing your...


Microsoft Adding New Capabilities to Azure Active Directory

Over the past years, Microsoft has spent significant effort to make Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) the central platform for identities in Microsoft environments and beyond. Microsoft now announced several new capabilities that help to support further use cases. New features in Azure AD One of these is the support for FIDO2 security key sign in for hybrid environments, consisting of both Azure AD and on-premises Active Directory. FIDO2 as a standard allows using a variety of authenticators, including biometric authentication, with various applications. This extension allows for...

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