Securing Industrial Control Systems (ICS)

Cybersecurity has become essential for every modern business, but has historically focused on securing information technology (IT) used by the administrative side of the business, rather than operational technology (OT) used to manage industrial operations in manufacturing plants, mining operations, chemical plants, and the like.

However, in recent years, OT has evolved, expanded, and become more interconnected and integrated with IT than ever before. Most industrial systems now have digital controls and are connected to IT systems and networks to enable remote monitoring, data analysis, and maintenance. OT systems are also where a lot of Intellectual Property (IP) around industrial processes is found.

OT, therefore, is just as big a target as IT, and just as important to secure in the face of increasing cyber attacks by criminal, espionage, and nation state affiliated groups. Security cannot be an afterthought in the era of internet connected industrial systems as IT and OT...

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