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Radiflow SCADA Security Suite is a comprehensive set of hardware products, software solutions, and managed services offering risk-based insights into ICS/SCADA networks, intelligent detection of IT and OT-related cyberthreats, as well as proactive protection against any deviations from established security policies.

1 Introduction

Radiflow is an industrial cybersecurity vendor headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. Established in 2009, the company is a part of the RAD Group – a collective of multiple independent companies designing and manufacturing solutions for various areas of network and telecommunications industries. Following the philosophy of independent operations under joint strategic guidance by multiple company founders, the RAD Group has been Israel’s most successful IT startup incubator, helping establish over a hundred of high-tech companies since the 1980s. With a yearly revenue of over $1.3 billion, the group currently comprises 10 companies including Radiflow, one of their youngest members.

Radiflow was founded by a group of seasoned veterans of telco and security industries with an initial focus on producing secure networking hardware for industrial environments. However, the company has quickly expanded their solution portfolio to provide a full range of hardware and software products, as well as managed services for securing ICS/SCADA infrastructures for industrial and other critical infrastructure customers. Currently, Radiflow’s solutions are deployed in over 3,000 sites, protecting major industrial facilities around the world.

It has become somewhat commonplace in recent years to talk about the poor state of industrial cybersecurity and to put the blame on OT engineers for not giving enough attention to the modern cyberthreats. Of course, ensuring the security and safety of industrial control systems has always been the most important job for OT experts. However, after decades of dealing with unique technologies and regulations and with a traditionally strong focus on human and process safety, securing IT assets was by far not their top priority.

Just like other IT infrastructures, industrial networks are becoming increasingly complex, geographically dispersed and interconnected with open corporate networks. Today, potential impacts of purely IT-related risks for ICS systems are no longer limited to productivity or financial losses; they can cause massive disruptions of manufacturing processes, equipment problems or even large-scale catastrophes. And just like in “traditional IT”, the biggest challenge for OT security specialists is no longer just to detect every potential threat in their networks, but not to get buried under a huge number of them – raising the need for a threat model that provides risk evaluation and prioritization to ensure that the most critical threats are being dealt with first.

Traditional passive intrusion detection systems favored by OT specialists for decades are no longer enough to meet these challenges. From machine learning-based anomaly detection to simple actionable insights and recommendations to fully automated mitigation controls – the functional scope of next-generation ICS/SCADA security solutions will be defined by intelligent risk management.

Radiflow’s answer to these market demands is a complete portfolio of security solutions and services that do not just provide full visibility into OT network activities and intelligent detection of various threats. Indeed, the company aims to give their customers the means to model the most common cybersecurity risks, proactively assess their impact on the key ICS assets and in the end to offer actionable insights for prioritizing their mitigation. With these tools, OT security experts can not just anticipate the most probable attack vectors to be used by various malicious actors, but proactively neutralize them by focusing their efforts on protecting the riskiest assets first.

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