Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2022

Hybrid Event
November 08 - 10, 2022
in Berlin, Germany & Online

Raising Resilience in Times of Cyber Uncertainty

For the 5th time, the Cybersecurity Leadership Summit brings together cybersecurity executives, analysts, and top CISOs from global players like Mercedes-Benz, Deutsche Bank, Nordea, Bank of Montreal, Deutsche Bahn, E.ON, Siemens, and Mastercard to help delegates drive decision-making within their organization and to better understand fundamental issues. Join this global cross-industry network of cyber experts to learn and upgrade your skills to become a multifaceted security leader.

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Key topics

Human Factors in Cybersecurity
Explore vulnerabilities around human factors to understand enterprise workforce risk.
OT Security
Understand how OT environments differ from IT and gain technical approaches to providing OT security.
Security Automation and Threat Intelligence
Understand keys to successful security automation, prioritize use cases and build enterprise support.
Cloud Security
Learn about cloud ecosystems, cyber asset management and how the cloud secures enterprises.
Business Impact of Cybercrime
Learn about the implications of cybercrime and examine effective business continuity and contingency plans.
Zero Trust
Explore the evolution of the zero trust paradigm and how to make it work in enterprise.
Cyber Hygiene
Understand best practices, processes and good cyber hygiene in the way businesses manage our resources.
CISO Roundtables
Become part of a network of trust and join our three CISO Roundtables at CSLS in Berlin. The Roundtables are moderated by a CISO and one of our analysts and focus on
  • software vulnerabilities
  • state-sponsored cyber-attacks
  • and enterprise cloud security.
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CSLS 2022 Is a Wrap
Blog Post  Jan 01, 1970
CSLS 2022 Is a Wrap
Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2022 was a great success. Thank you to everyone who made it happen.

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