Workshop | Your Path to Ransomware Resilience

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Ransomware Attacks have become the biggest single cyber risk for enterprises of any size and industry. Current surveys and KuppingerCole´s own research indicate a steep rise not only in the number of attacks, but as well in the average damage  per incident. The dark side of digital is industrializing itself, turning ransomware into big business The question is no longer if and when your organization will be attacked, but whether and how successful the attackers will be. “Sophisticated recent ransomware attacks are fully aware of standard backup strategies and corrupt or destroy your one and only option to recover without paying the ransom.” says KuppingerCole´s Cybersecurity Lead Christopher Schütze.  “The complexity of today´s multicloud environments require more than traditional backup & restore approaches” he continues.

In this workshop, we will provide you with an overview on the pillars of a proactively resiliient IT Infrastructure. Starting with an individual ransomware resilience assessment, each participant will (individually and anonymously) benchmark the resilience of her organization against ransomware attacks, relative to the average value of the whole group that conducted the assessment. The key topics of this workshop will be:

  1. The state of ransomware, from a business and a technical perspective
  2. The ransomware attack surface 
  3. Ransomware Resiliency Essentials: Preparation 
  4. Ransomware Resiliency Essentials: Protection
  5. Ransomware Resiliency Essentials: Response 
  6. Ransomware Resiliency Essentials: Recovery 
  7. Your individual ransomware risk and what to do now

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