AI in Cybersecurity

Although we are still a long way from machines being able to react to situations in an intelligent, human way, Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies have finally matured to the point where AI-supported machines and computer systems are able to complete tasks they have been trained to do.

AI-based systems are also able to “learn” or self-correct to get better at the task they have been trained to do. This ability to improve is commonly known as “machine learning” and is often what technology vendors call AI, but it is really just one form or element of AI.

Common applications of AI technologies include systems that analyse data to produce insights, recommendations, and forecasts. These applications are increasingly found in websites and systems used for anomaly detection, image classification, speech recognition, text summarization, business intelligence, predictive maintenance, identity verification, and chatbots or other support systems.

The ability of AI-supported systems...

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