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Bruce Hughes Senior Analyst

Manila / Philippines & Melbourne / Australia

Over 40 years in IT
At KuppingerCole since 2015

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Roles & Responsibilities at KuppingerCole:

Bruce Hughes, who is based partly in Manila in the Philippines and partly in Melbourne Australia has joined KuppingerCole as a Senior Analyst in the Asia Pacific team with responsibility for Governance, Risk & Compliance.

Background & Education:

Bruce has over 40 years commercial experience in the IT and Business Management fields. Bruce started his Information Technology career in the Government sector before moving on to Financial Services, Automobile Manufacturing and the Oil & Gas sectors.


Areas of coverage:

  • Governance, Risk and Compliance
  • Distributed Ledger Technology

Professional experience:

His experience ranges from Banking, Financial Services, Trade & Transportation, Oil & Gas, Automobile Manufacturing to Food Production and Feedlot Management. Bruce expertise in the Banking & Financial Services sector includes Business Manager responsible for coordination of Governance, Compliance and Risk Management in the Global Loans division of the ANZ IIB, Senior Manager responsible of the delivery of the KasiKornBank Core Banking platform.

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Executive View: SAP Fraud Management - 71182

SAP Fraud Management leverages the power and speed of the SAP HANA platform to detect fraud earlier, improve the accuracy of detection and uses predictive analytics to adapt to changes in fraud patterns.

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Advisory Note: The Impact of Blockchains on Business Process Management and Optimisation - 71609

Distributed and decentralised ledger technology with Smart Contracts and the Internet of Things (IoT) can enhance BPM (Business Process Management) and BPO (Business Process Optimisation) processes significantly. This report examines the role that blockchain-based technologies and IoT…

Advisory Note

Advisory Note: Blockchain Impact on the Financial Industry - 71601

The Financial industry is estimated to spend over US$1bn on Blockchain projects over the next two years. This report provides an overview of impact Blockchain is having within the Financial Sector, the benefits that can be achieved, the challenges and the changes to expect from this…

Leadership Brief

Leadership Brief: Information Rights Management – Ready for Prime Time? - 72013

Information Rights Management (IRM) is the discipline within Information Security and IAM (Identity and Access Management) that allows protecting information right at the source - the single file. IRM is a technology used to protect and facilitate the editing, distribution and access of…