Michael Engle
Chief Strategy Officer, 1Kosmos

Michael Engle

Michael (Mike) Engle is a proven information technology executive, leader, and entrepreneur. He is an expert in information security, business development, and product design/development. He has experience running large teams and multi-million-dollar projects for a Fortune-100 bank as well as working with start-ups that need to set direction and go from "zero to one" as it is now commonly called.
As head of InfoSec at Lehman Brothers, he was instrumental in designing and implementing the bank’s security program. As a co-founder of Bastille Networks, he helped raise over $40m in VC to create a powerhouse in the RF security sector. Most recently he helped launch 1Kosmos.com, a next-generation Identity company that is changing the way people interact with digital systems, and 1414ventures.com, a seed-round venture capital fund that focuses solely on digital identity.

BS Computer Information Systems, York College of Pennsylvania (1993)

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