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Mans Hakansson Solution Architect


Måns wears a number of hats at Axiomatics, including managing customer relationships by assisting customers with product evaluations, demonstrating how our solutions work and how they help meet customer needs, conducting product training, and assisting customers with policy modeling. His professional experience comes from over 15 years of management roles at Oracle, Sun Microsystems, and IBM. Måns is a regular contributor to the Axiomatics blog.


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Cybersecurity Leadership Summit 2018 Europe

Nov 13, 2018
Moderne Trends in IAM
Dynamische Autorisierung - das fehlende Bindeglied für das digitale Unternehmen?
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Nov 14, 2018
Embracing Microservices & APIs
Beyond OAuth: Securing APIs with Policies & Attribute-Based Access Control
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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2018

May 16, 2018
IAM Blueprint & Compliance
How to Transform Your Data Protection Program Under GDPR
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