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The market for Identity and Access Management (IAM), governance, risk management, compliance (GRC) and cloud computing is part of the Digital Transformation era, which expands by leaps and bounds. At the same time, the pace of product innovation is picking up, with new players gearing up to compete with existing vendors for their share of the pie. It is vitally important for vendors and developers as well as system houses and service providers to keep up with the latest trends and to assess their own offerings - and those of the competition.

KuppingerCole is one of Europe's leading analyst companies, and we are totally focused on the market for IAM and GRC as well as cloud computing and IT security in the era of Digital Transformation. We have our fingers on the pulse of the industry and are able to tell you exactly where the best chances await to stake out a claim to success in this exciting market.

Topics covered by KuppingerCole include:

Security Monitoring, Analytics & Reporting
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What you get from KuppingerCole is:

  • Expertise, thought leadership and a vendor neutral market view
  • Ongoing research that monitors more than 100 vendors and their products as well as innovative user trends
  • A wide range of reports, consulting options and events providing a clear understanding of both technology and markets
  • Designated employees of your company can consult our analysts directly by phone to receive updates and up-to-the-minute briefings on their special areas of interest

Analyst Subscriptions are available in three different sizes tailored for your needs.

With an Analyst Subscription you receive:

  • Research Access for up to 10 named accounts
  • Up to 6 Advisory Calls
  • Up to 2 Reports (English and German) on your Products
  • Up to 2 Executive Summaries
  • Up to 2 Joint Webinars / up to 1 Re-Distribution license for an Executive View or Leadership Compass

KuppingerCole’s Advisory Services give you unlimited access to the results of our ongoing vendor-agnostic research. This service is available to every registered member of your staff for an entire year and gives them the unrestricted right to browse our library of reports.

With the KC Advisory you receive:

  • Remote Advisory Workshop (2 parts, 4 hours each)
  • Advisory Call Package, Contingent of up to 8 (60 Minutes each)
  • Advisory Workshop, Contingent of up to 3 (including preparation call and summary)

KuppingerCole’s reports are written by our analysts using their unique neutral market perspective to evaluate the offerings of vendors and solutions within the IT market. Each report is available by download from our own website and may be purchased either individually or by annual subscription. Vendors may license these reports and pass them on to their own customers and prospects.

With the KC Market Communication you receive:

  • Re-Distribution License Research Note / Executive View
  • Re-Distribution License Leadership Compass
  • Re-Distribution License Package Leadership Compass + Executive View
  • Analyst Speaking Engagement
  • Webinar Speaking Engagement
  • Tweet Chat Engagement
  • Customer Reference Whitepaper
  • White Paper
  • Survey

The KuppingerCole Product Packages provides detailed recommendations that help you judge the effectiveness and value as well as possible risks from your product in the IT market. Thanks to our standardized approach we can help you avoid costly false investments by analyzing the market situation and your competitors.

With the KC Product Packages you receive:

  • Market Support
  • Competitive Analysis and Positioning (1 comp.) (SWOT)
  • Product Maturity Assessment (SWOT)
  • Partner Scouting Support
  • Sales Force Training

Webinars hosted by KuppingerCole are the perfect way to showcase your products and services. Each webinar features one of our senior analysts who provides context and introduces the other speakers. Vendors and service providers who are sponsors of their own virtual event usually give a short presentation, followed by a Q&A session and a wrap-up by the analyst from KuppingerCole.

With the KC Webinar you receive:

  • Webinar announcement in newsletters, through dedicated promotional email and on our website
  • Complete webinar infrastructure
  • Every webinar recorded and made available as a webcast on our website
  • Complete report of the webinar containing list of all registered persons including contact information

KuppingerCole’s experts personally invite the region’s top security executives to a valuable evening of networking, interaction, engagement and quality dining experience. We can help them share and overcome many business challenges, often solving critical problems through innovative solution provider sponsorship opportunities led via top level conversations and discussions.

With the KC Executive Meet-Up you receive:

  • Non-pressure sales environment enhances your pipeline – tangible ROI
  • Build new and re kindle existing business relationships
  • Reduce your cost of new business acquisition
  • Develop valuable lasting relationships with CISO’s
  • Accelerate a traditionally long sales cycle
  • Participate in lively, industry led direct roundtable discussion
  • Hear industry leaders present their findings
  • Take away fresh ideas, unique perspectives, and new connections
  • A relaxed learning environment including a welcome drinks reception, canapes and a quality three-course meal with all beverages

Current Sponsoring Opportunities

KuppingerCole Analysts events are the ideal platform to raise your visibility in the market.
Get in touch with new leads and take advantage of great networking opportunities. We would very much appreciate to win you as a partner for the KuppingerCole events and are looking forward to great collaboration! Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime to discuss available options.

Request an Analyst Briefing now or contact our sales team at KuppingerCole to discuss your company's requirements. You can reach them by phone under +49 (211) 23 70 77-10 or by email to sales@kuppingercole.com. We are very pleased to help you and will get back to you immediately.

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