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Jun 18, 2021
Does Increased Security Still Mean Added Complexity?

We’re all accessing more goods and services online than we ever thought possible, which has presented a huge opportunity for cyber criminals. Rapid digital transformation has left some businesses exposed, and fraudsters are looking to exploit new weaknesses. Strong digital identity verification and authentication is essential, but has traditionally come with increased complexity at the expense of a good user experience. But is this still true?

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Jun 10, 2021
Wahre Identitäten in einer digitalen Welt verankern

In einer Welt, in der Sie Kund/innen oder Mitarbeiter/innen nie persönlich treffen, ist es entscheidend realen Identitäten mit digitalen zu verankern. Nur so können Sie als Unternehmen sicher online Zugriff gewähren, Aktionen mit hohem Risiko verifizieren und ein Nutzererlebnis bieten, das ihre Kund/innen begeistert. In dieser Session wird Olli Krebs (VP Central EMEA bei Onfido) erläutern, wie Dokumenten- und biometrische Verifikation nahtlos Vertrauen über den gesamten Identitäts-Lebenszyklus ermöglichen kann.


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Mar 04, 2021
Oliver Krebs: Anchoring Real Identity in a Digital World

In a world where you never meet our customers or employees face to face, it’s critical to anchor their real identity to their digital one.
It’s only by doing this that you can securely provision access, verify high-risk actions, and deliver on an experience that keeps them engaged. In this session, Olli Krebs (VP Central EMEA at Onfido) will examine how document and biometric verification can seamlessly enable trust throughout the identity lifecycle. 

Webinar Recording
Dec 16, 2020
Entering the Virtual World With Identity Verification

The way consumers access products and services across sectors has changed forever as interactions move from physical to digital engagement. What started as a change born from convenience, is now a necessity and solidifying into a long-term behavioural shift. As consumers choose to access more goods and services digitally than ever before, it is essential that organisations meet users’ expectations of instant and convenient transactions, or risk losing customers to more customer centric online competitors.