Oracle Cloud Guard from CSPM to CNAPP
Since its inception in 2020 Oracle Cloud Guard has enabled OCI tenants to measure their security posture for OCI. These new capabilities extend Cloud Guard beyond CSPM to proactively manage the security of cloud native applications developed and deployed in OCI. This supports Oracle’s vision to make OCI the best platform for enterprises to develop and deploy secure and compliant applications.
There is No Such Thing as Privacy
The last twenty years have seen a massive explosion in the amount of data that can be collected, stored, and processed. Digital technology and the internet have made this possible and cloud services have made this affordable. Data analytics, Machine Learning and AI, in turn, have made this data extremely valuable. Data is the new capital.
Threat Detection and Incident Response
Organizations and society in general have become more and more dependent on IT delivered services. This has increased the potential impact of risks from cyber-attacks. Cybersecurity needs to meet this challenge by moving beyond the traditional approach of protection, detection, and response.
Cyber Security Evolve or Die
Cyber security is never done – you need to constantly work to improve your organization’s cyber security readiness. Cyber adversaries never sleep and the geopolitical tensions across the world are raising the cyber security threat levels.
AWS Announces EU Sovereign Cloud
On October 25th, 2023, AWS announced their intention to launch AWS European Sovereign Cloud. This is an important announcement which reflects the impact of EU GDPR regulation and the EU recent Schrems II judgement.
Cloud Security Alphabet Soup
Is securing your cloud security different from securing other forms of IT? You would think so from the alphabet soup of acronyms around the subject.
UK Data Protection – What Is Changing
On March 8th, 2023, the UK Government introduced a new Data Protection and Digital Information Bill (2) into parliament. The government announcement of this bill claimed that “British Businesses to Save Billions Under New UK Version of GDPR”. What does this mean in practical terms for businesses
How Does Using Cloud Services Alter Risk
I am often asked “does using a cloud service alter risk?” I always reply to this question with “well it depends”. Every organization has its own set of circumstances, and the answer needs to take these into account. It is also important to think about how the responsibility for security is shared be
Digital Transformation - Multi-Cloud and Multi-Complex
Fragmented IT environments, multiple cloud services as well as on-premises and edge. How can you manage the complexity this has created? Find out now!
Prepare, Prevent and Protect
Recent SolarWinds, Kaseya, and Log4j compromises by malicious actors have demonstrated the need to focus on software supply chain security. Organizations can not afford to ignore this increasing threat.
When will Ransomware Strike? Should you Hope for the Best or Plan for the Worst
Companies around the world are struggling to protect their data. The possibilities of losing data are numerous. Are you well enough prepared? Find out how you can prevent the worst scenarios.
Log4j – How Well Did You Perform?
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