More than 12 years ago, the first EIC attracted an already surprisingly large number of practitioners dealing with directory services, user provisioning and single sign-on, as well as vendors, domain experts, thought leaders and analysts. I remember Dick Hardt giving an incredibly visionary keynote on "User-Centrism - The Solution to the Identity Crisis?" at EIC 2007 - a topic which still is highly relevant. Or the legendary keynote panel back in 2008 on the question whether there is a difference between the European way of doing IAM and the rest of the world, moderated by KuppingerCole's Senior Analyst Dave Kearns. In the same year of 2009, Kim Cameron of Microsoft gave a keynote on his Claims Based Model, which eventually came true, even if in an unexpected way... Look at Eve Maler's Keynote on "Care and Feeding of Online Relationships", an early and mature vision on Customer Identity. She held that keynote not in 2017, it was already back in 2009! "Extending the Principles of Service-Oriented Security to Cloud Computing" - a remarkable keynote at EIC 2010 held by John Aisien, as well as André Durand's "Identity in the Cloud - Finding Calm in the Storm". Now, for the latest EIC conferences 2011 - 2017, let me give you a selection of my personal favorite keynotes, even if I would change this selection every time I watch videos from past EIC sessions: Doc Searls - Free Customers - The New Platform Doc actually gave a preview on GDPR before politicians started working on it (EIC 2012); Martin Kuppinger's Opening Keynote back in 2014 on the key trends we talk about today; Patrick Parker's (EmpowerID) famous keynote on "IAM Meat and Potatoes Best Practices", describing what can go wrong in an IAM project and feeding a great EIC tradition of keynotes with high practical relevance; Amar Singh on "Heartbleed, NSA & Trust"; Mia Harbitz on IAM, Governance and Forced Migration at EIC 2016; Dr. Emilio Mordini's great talk "In a Wilderness of Mirrors: Do we still need Trust in the Online World?" and a great Analyst/ former Analyst Keynote Panel on "Shaping the Future of Identity & Access Management" with Dan Blum, Gerry Gebel, Ian Glazer, Martin Kuppinger, Eve Maler and Prof. Dr. Sachar Paulus as the moderator. EIC 2017 just blew my mind. So many great contributions make it impossible to choose. Maybe, to give you an idea, look at these 3: William Mougayar - State of Business in Blockchains, Richard Struse - Let Them Chase Our Robots and Joni Brennan - Accelerating Canada's Digital ID Ecosystem Toward a More Trusted Global Digital Economy. Well, I can't but add another one: Balázs Némethi of Taqanu Bank on "Financial Inclusion & Disenfranchised Identification". Ok, one more: Daniel Buchner (Microsoft) on "Blockchain-Anchored Identity: A Gateway to Decentralized Apps and Services". Because it is so relevant. Come and join EIC 2018 enjoy another 120 hours of great and relevant content with speakers from all around the world. Or propose your own talk through the call-for-speakers feature on this website.

See you in Munich Joerg Resch, Head of EIC Agenda