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Extending the Principles of Service-Oriented Security to Cloud Computing

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John Aisien
Vice President of Product Management
Oracle Corporation
John Aisien
John is the lead member of the outbound product management team that drives sales and adoption of Oracle Fusion Middleware within the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region. Oracle Fusion Middleware is the fastest growing product line at Oracle, with over $1B in revenue in FY 2006. ...
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Widely used cloud security standards define general security measures/controls for securing clouds while not differentiating between the many, well-known implementations that differ with respect to the Service and/or Deployment Model they implement. Users are thus lacking guidance for decision-making and for preparing to ensure end-to-end security. By adding only two requirements, cloud security standards can really cover and consider virtually all possible Service Models and Deployment Models. As a result of this, they support differentiating between offerings and improve the support for user organizations for which the standards are also built for.

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A Cloud for all Seasons
Jul 07, 2021

Even though the pandemic has been the main driver for digital workplace productivity as a strategic requirement, this topic will not go away after it is over. The Digital Business workforce needs to be “anywhere-enabled”. In order to support this Secure & Flexible Infrastructures for the Digitally Transformed Enterprise is necessary.

Developing a digital workplace strategy contains several layers:

  • Collaboration, EX (Employee Experience) and connectivity to forge productive business relationships within and beyond natural workgroups.
  •  Workplace Technology - the digital workplace toolbox
  • Secure Information Exchange & Digital Workplace Management


In this KC live event, we will discuss the future workplace trends such as De-Materialization & Anywhere Computing, Workplace-Consumerization, KyE (Know Your Employee), How to balance Zero Trust requirements with easy access and more.

Our expert speakers will share insights on how a solid digital workforce strategy, incorporating technologies like automation, collaboration, and artificial intelligence, can help propel your business forward.  

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