Blog posts by Alexei Balaganski


eBay hack – could this be the last straw?

Last Wednesday, eBay Inc. has announced that their user database has been compromised, and hackers were able to get away with “encrypted passwords and other non-financial data” of more than 145 million of eBay customers. eBay has informed us that financial information has not been affected and that they have not detected any increased fraudulent activity on their platform. Still, just in case, you should change your password and they are very sorry for this inconvenience. Quite frankly, for any person working in the field of information security, this announcement raises a lot of...


Antivirus is dead, so what?

A few days ago, while announcing their new Advanced Threat Protection initiative, Piero DePaoli, Symantec’s director of product marketing has made a provocative statement , proclaiming that ‘AV is dead’. His colleague Brian Dye said that antivirus software only catches around 45% of malware attacks , and that the company is shifting its focus towards responding to attacks instead of protecting against them. Making such bold claims to promote new products or technologies is a common marketing tactic, we have even done something like that ourselves a couple of years ago, quite...


Lessons learned from the Heartbleed incident

Two weeks have passed since the day the Heartbleed Bug has been revealed to the world, and people around the world are still analyzing the true scale of the disaster. We’ve learned quite a lot during these two weeks: After Cloudflare initially expressed doubt that the bug can really leak SSL private keys, they were quickly proven wrong by security researchers. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid reissuing and revoking all existing SSL certificates; A week ago, Bloomberg has reported that NSA may have known about the vulnerability for years and used it to gather critical...


The Heartbleed Bug in OpenSSL - probably the most serious security flaw in years

As just about every security-related publication has reported today, a critical vulnerability in OpenSSL has been discovered yesterday . OpenSSL is a cryptographic software library, which provides SSL/TSL encryption functionality for network traffic all over the Internet. It’s used by Apache and nginx web servers that serve well over half of the world’s web sites, it powers virtual private networks, instant messaging networks and even email . It’s also widely used in client software, devices and appliances. Because of a bug in implementation of TLS Heartbeat extension, remote...


How NOT to protect your email from snooping

Since the documents leaked last year by Edward Snowden have revealed the true extent of NSA powers to dig into people’s personal data around the world, the topic of protecting internet communications has become of utmost importance for government organizations, businesses and private persons alike. This is especially important for email, one of the most widely used Internet communication services. One of the oldest Internet services still in use (SMTP protocol has been published in 1982), email is based on a set of inherently insecure protocols and by design cannot provide reliable...

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