The daily news is currently filled with stories about people in hospital with Covid expressing regret that they did not take the opportunity when they could have to get vaccinated to improve their resilience to infection.  

Similarly, business leaders often express regret at not taking the steps they could have to prevent business disruption due to cyber-attacks, natural disasters, infrastructure outages, supply chain problems, and, yes, pandemics.  

If the pandemic has made anything clear, it is that businesses need – above all else – to ensure resiliency at all levels of operation. An organization that is resilient because it has made resiliency an overarching goal, is typically better able to mitigate any disruption to normal business operations.  

“When it comes to cyber-attacks, everyone is a target and there is no such thing as perfect security, so we need to take various measure and prepare for being breached. Therefore, resilience – the ability to recover – is...

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