Remote Working

In recent years remote working has become increasingly common to enable people to remain productive while away from the office. However, the Covid 19 pandemic resulted in an almost overnight need for as many people as possible to work from home as lockdowns were imposed.

As lockdowns have started to ease, it has become evident that not everyone is rushing back to work in the office, and that working from home appears to be here to stay, regardless of Covid 19 infection levels.

The workforce has become accustomed to the convenience of working from home or remotely, when necessary, but security always needs to be a key consideration as businesses adapt to new ways of working.

The pandemic has helped to accelerate Digital Transformation, particularly the adoption of cloud-based services, but this all needs to be done with due consideration to security. However, organizations need to ensure that security is as unobtrusive as possible.

Research has shown, that as soon as security...

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