Martin Kuppinger: Cybersecurity Trends in the Age of Work from Home

The way people are working has changed fundamentally. Cybersecurity is even more essential than before. Martin Kuppinger, Principal Analyst at KuppingerCole, will look at the factors that drive the relevance of cybersecurity, but also change the way cybersecurity is done right. He then will look at the trends in cybersecurity and how new technologies and methods help in mitigating cyber risks and improving cyber attack resilience. This includes looking at the impact of Work from Home, changing attack vectors, or the impact of AI on cybersecurity, and discussing what new technologies such as SOAR and Cyber Ranges can provide for getting better in cybersecurity. He also will look at the need for doing a thorough cybersecurity portfolio assessment, to optimize spending and getting a grip on the zoo of cybersecurity tools most businesses already have to pay for and to manage.

Language: English • Duration: 17:01 • Resolution: 1280x720

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