Ransomware Resilience

Ransomware attacks are now inevitable, with incidents of cybercriminals encrypting critical business data and demanding payments for the key, increasing 282% in the second half of 2020 compared with the first half, and a further 14% in the first six months of 2021. In all likelihood, if your company is connected to the internet, it will at some point become the target of a ransomware attack. That’s the bad news.

And while the impact of a ransomware can be devastating, the good news is that there are measures you can and should take to ensure that your organization is as resilient as possible in the face of such attacks conducted by highly resourced and well-organized professional cybercriminal groups.

Resilience is the most important goal because that is the approach that will ensure that even if your company is hit by a ransomware attack, the impact will be limited. Resilience, above all, is about either keeping your business running or getting your business up and running again...

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