NIS2 Directive: Who, What, and How?

In the wake of increased cyber-attacks on national critical infrastructure, authorities around the world are imposing stricter requirements on organizations that their populations rely on for a wide range of essential services, which includes a wide and growing number of private companies that should be preparing now to meet their new obligations.

Notably the EU issued the Network and Information Systems (NIS) Directive in 2016 and the US saw the introduction of Executive Order 14028 on Improving the Nation's Cybersecurity in 2021. But European authorities are now seeking to go even further with an update to the NIS Directive, known as NIS2, which is expected to go into force by the second half of 2024.

Like its predecessor, NIS2 aims to protect critical organizations and infrastructure within the EU from cyber threats and to achieve a high level of common security across the EU by focusing on organizations that provide essential services.

However, unlike its predecessor, NIS2...

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