Identity & Access Management

Controlling who or what can access critical business systems and data may seem like an obvious thing to do, but the continual cyber-attacks and breaches indicate that this is not being done very effectively by many organizations. It suggests that more attention needs to be paid to Identity & Access Management (IAM) and that most organizations need to raise their game.

IAM is a core area of focus for KuppingerCole, so in the next few editions of KC Navigator, we will look at different aspects of this extremely important topic, and provide links to all the content available to help you to improve your IAM capabilities.

The reason many organizations are struggling to manage identities and control access to key assets is that it can be a complex and challenging task, especially in the light of the proliferation of identities and digital resources in the digital era as organizations adopt virtual environments, move into the cloud, add Edge computing systems, and adopt DevOps tools and...

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