Cloud Security

As more and more organizations use cloud services cyber security and compliance has taken center stage because the benefits of using the cloud for business-critical applications can be undermined if this leads to cyber-attacks, data breaches and compliance failure.

Cloud Security, essential for cloud adoption, was a key focus on Day Three of KuppingerCole’s 2021 European Identity and Cloud (EIC) conference, starting with the opening keynote of the day on the Journey of Digital Vaults to Cloud, exploring how the nature of vaults has transformed in the rapidly digitizing world.

“Data vaults which are expected to be located on premises, are now digital, making ownership of these vaults and access to these vaults critical functions for an organization. The Cloud hosts a lot of secrets, and this journey of vaults becoming digital and part of Cloud Environments, is nothing but fascinating,” said Anil Bhandari of ARCON TechSolutions, regarding his keynote entitled Secrets in the Clouds:...

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