As mentioned in the previous edition of KC Navigator, with the implementation of digital transformation, organizations have seen the number of privileged users multiply, with new types of operations such as DevOps needing access to privileged accounts.

DevOps support has become essential to many organizations looking to become more responsive and innovative by merging traditional engineering and operations teams to speed software delivery times. As a result, application developers and other agile teams increasingly need privileged access to essential tools, and this access also has to be managed.

To enable organizations to manage this type of privileged access, several vendors have introduced Privileged Access Management (PAM) tools for DevOps teams. These tools are included within KuppingerCole’s new Dynamic Resource Entitlement & Access Management (DREAM) model for access management and entitlement platforms that can manage the challenges in dynamic multi-cloud, multi-hybrid environments that businesses are adopting to become fully digital enterprises and remain competitive.

The DREAM model envisages common service development, delivery, and operations; infrastructure management and operations; and security and identity across on-prem, Edge, and private and public cloud, including managed service providers.

Fundamentally, DREAM based platforms must operate at the speed of the cloud and permission access based on tasks, toolchains, and workloads rather than roles - or only permission access to static resources such as servers or vaults. 

These platforms will include the category of CIEM (Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management) platforms that offer rapid access to cloud infrastructure itself and in some more advanced examples, offer granular control of cloud-based resources. And as mentioned earlier, also included within DREAM are the newer PAM for DevOps tools that extend the traditional functionality of PAM for toolchain focused access for DevOps teams. 

PAM for DevOps is essential to prevent attackers compromising secrets embedded in code and Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) tools, in order to gain more pervasive access to the IT environment.

Organizations need to recognize that those who work in DevOps routinely store, compile and test code that will involve privileged access to specific data sources, tools, applications, and other resources that are classified as confidential, and must be kept secure. This typically includes individual pieces of code, containers, and APIs as well as discrete data that relates to company projects or individuals.

DevOps, therefore, accesses and processes privileged data and entities on a continuous basis. Without a platform to monitor, record and control this access, countless vulnerabilities will be introduced every day through developers doing things like storing locally or sharing credentials for privileged tools and data or embedding them within an application or container they are working with. Developers may also share passwords and code, and admins may allow privileged access to users on an ad hoc basis, which can lead to privilege creep.

DevOps cannot be ignored when it comes to privileged access management. The challenge, however, is finding an appropriate access managment solution that can work at the pressure and speed that DevOps already work to and keep all secrets secure. It must not get in the way, and it must be secure and accountable through integrated tools or via third-party integrations.

DevOps and other AgileOps teams within organizations have come to rely on dynamic clouds to complete workloads on a Just In Time (JIT) basis, in response to demands from internal customers. All the while, networks are much more open to employees, third party users, suppliers, and customers – what was once considered “privileged” is becoming the norm as collaboration and data sharing become ubiquitous.

— Paul Fisher, Senior Analyst, KuppingerCole.

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