Welcome to KuppingerCole

Welcome to KuppingerCole, the independent analyst company!

Welcome to Ko Nicole, the independent Analyst company.
Back in 2004, we founded Ko Cole as an Analyst company, focused on identity and access management with a team of three. From there, we grew to a team of runabout, 35 people in three different continents. And we also cover far more topics than back in 2004. We cover all of information security. We do a lot around digital transformation around KYC, nor your customer and other topics. And we've built a rock solid reputation as one of the leading LS companies in the
World at coping our call, we focus on strong and steady customer relationships. Most of our clients have a long history with us and benefit from regular interactions with our analysts, knowing what moves our clients is our key to being able to offer just the right support. And we are looking forward to continue to develop that with our existing clients, as well as any new companies that are looking for Analyst services that fit their budgets with our
Product, we aim to deliver a true value to our clients. And this is why we absolutely need to understand customer requirements. Therefore, the customers benefit really is the heart of copy our Kohl's product philosophy.
Our coal events are perfectly tailored to the needs and requirements of our clients and support them in reaching their individual goals. At our flagship event, the EIC conference, you will get great network opportunities and access to up to date information for the best possible support of your future. It model
Our marketing department include the classic online marketing area, as well as the communications part.
We make sure that our clients have the opportunity to find any news and latest research regarding the specific topics that cover their needs
To ensure that the words informed about the latest news hot topics as well. The research documents from copy a call on every channel is part of our everyday business.
We support it leadership in organizations of any size, as well as software vendors and service providers in meeting both tactical and strategic goals, maintaining a balance between immediate implementation and long-term viability is at the heart of Ko. Our Cole's philosophy.
That is why Ko. Our Cole is the best partner for your necessities in the digital transformation.

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