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Henk Marsman Lead Product Manager IAM


Henk Marsman is Lead Product Manager for Identity and Access Management at Rabobank, a top three bank in the Netherlands. He’s responsible for the cohesion and service orientation of the IAM services and works with the IAM product owners in Rabobank to materialize the vision and strategy.

Prior to joining Rabobank (2017) Henk was a senior advisor with a global consulting firm where he built and led the IAM expertise team in the Netherlands. Besides the ‘traditional’ security and employee oriented IAM area he’s keenly interested in the wider area of digital identities, digital developments, customer experience and speaks at conferences on IAM and blockchain and other developing topics.


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The Three Fundamentals to Enterprise Identity Success

Sep 03, 2020
Moving From the Dark Age of Legacy to the Era of Enlightenment
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European Identity & Cloud Conference 2019

May 15, 2019
Identity - Best Practice I
Making IAM Matter - The Hard Conversation
Panel: The Transformational Next Wave of IGA in the Enterprise
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May 16, 2019
Blockchain & IAM: A Perfect Fit or a Squared Peg and a Round Hole?
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