Henk Marsman
Principal Consultant, SonicBee

Henk Marsman

Henk Marsman is both independent researcher as well as principal consultant at SonicBee. Having spend over 20 years in cybersecurity and specifically identity and access management he still advises corporations on how to improve the security of access to data. Especially the organizational embedding and realisation of long term benefits from improved identity and access management methods and solutions. He builds on experience from leading the Rabobank global IAM services for five years, and prior to that having built the Deloitte NL IAM practice from scratch.
With his expertise in digital identity Henk started research at Leiden University in 2021, asking what a ‘righteous digital identity’ would look like. From there on Henk has conducted interdisciplinary research in digital identity and eID, ethics and justice, published on the capabilities approach, and is currently researching how digital identity wallets enhance or diminish the capabilities for online manipulation at Delft university.
Henk is able to bridge the gap between digital technology, every day use cases and the policy and regulation. He is a creative strategist and always looking for the durable systemic solutions. He is involved with marginalized communities in Amsterdam as well as the Dutch governmental program for electronic digital identity (EDI - executing on eIDAS2). Henk is a contributor to the recent study on ”Human-Centric Digital Identity: for Government Officials” published by the OpenID Foundation, member of the External Advisory Board of the IMPULSE H2020 project, and a frequent public speaker on digital identity and ethics.

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