Ramesh Kesanupalli
Co-Founder, ADI Association

Ramesh Kesanupalli

Mr. Kesanupalli is the co-founder of ADI Association, a non-profit industry organization working with global companies to define the Architecture and specification for Accountable Digital Identity, which will bring different identity systems together using a trust framework that will include everyone with or without a smart device and promote a new inclusive Digital Economy, Initial specification which was published in September 2022 which, when realized, will bring Trust and Accountability to both digital and real worlds.

Prior to this, Mr. Kesanupalli was the founder of FIDO Alliance, a standards body setting a global standard for Authentication, which eliminates network passwords and makes online authentication simpler, stronger and easier to use. FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) is now an international standard and is supported by all operating systems and browsers. FIDO Alliance includes global players like Apple, Microsoft, Google, Intel, Amazon, Facebook, Visa, MasterCard and many other global technology leaders.

Mr. Kesanupalli was also the founder of Nok Nok Labs, which is the market leader and first implementer of FIDO-based authentication servers. Its global customers include NTT DOCOMO, Verizon, T-Mobile, Standard Bank, Intuit and many more.

Mr. Kesanupalli was also the CTO at Validity Sensors, a fingerprint sensor company which was acquired by Synaptic. Ramesh has held several senior executive positions and is a serial entrepreneur.

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